Ex-PD leader is YouTube star….

THE ‘Rumble in Ranelagh’ between the Greens’ John Gormley and ex-PD leader Michael McDowell has now attracted more combined hits on YouTube than McDowell did in first preference votes.

  • tok

    i gavr gormley a pref he made a right eejit of himself in this mc dowell actually won

  • prolefodder

    tok, no way! Gormo beat ‘Big Mac’ hands down, even Eoghan Harris would agree! If nothing else Gormo showed a non tofu, sandle-wearing side to the Greens ! Pacificists…?!!!

  • pondersomething

    I’m glad the guy on the left was elected TD for my old constituency in Dublin, and the guy on the right was given the kicking he deserved!

    Good for John Gormley for nailing the lies at source.

  • That w**ker actually got elected?! FFS he’s no better than the arseholes we have up here that think the way to win an argument is to talk over the other guy. Pathetic.