Scrap the DPPs and spend money on cops…

Jim McElroy, former DUP chair of Banbridge District Council reckons that the District Policing Partnerships are a costly waste of time and money.

“I feel this money would be much better spent putting half-a-dozen more officers on the beat in Banbridge, tackling lawbreakers on the street,” said DUP councillor Jim McElroy.

“This is not an attack on any individuals, all I am saying is that this extra expense is costing the taxpayer millions of pounds each year for 26 DPPs across the Province and I hope the new Assembly will change this pattern.

“DPP leaflets, meetings and groups are all very well but they do not stop crime in rural areas, though more PSNI officers could stamp this out. What we need is more action and less talking.”

  • nmc

    I feel this money would be much better spent putting half-a-dozen more officers on the beat in Banbridge

    So pay an extra half a dozen cops to sit round talking and eating. Perhaps a better idea again would be to spend the money attempting to improve the results of the poor policing we already have, as opposed to paying more people to do nothing.

  • Pounder

    Perhaps some better training would solve this?

  • SuperSoupy

    The RPA could have delivered an instant saving by reducing the number of DPPs to seven in line with councils but the DUP/SDLP/UUP are pushing for ditching the groundwork, wasting time/money on a review and ensuring as little rationalisation as possible in future (and most importantly jobs for the boys).

  • iluvni

    Scrap the DPPs?..No way.
    The recent questionnaire from my local DPP asked me, and thousands of others, to rank in order 1-5, things I’d like the local PSNI to concentrate their resources on….and they gave us all a wee post-it pack with their number on it as well.

    What more could anyone want??

    Value for money.


  • the Emerald Pimpernel

    If this is not the height of DUP wanting their cake and eating it as well?

    First the SF had to join them to be worth going into government and now that they have and are attempting to influence the police through them its time to chuck the baby out with the bath water.

    I bet the simpletons who supported the DUP wouldnt be backing away from this if SF had kept away and left it a Unionists love the police club that it was

  • BOM

    I think the DPP’s are well worth any money spent on them as they are an invaluable way for local people be it independents or political representatives to challenge the police on what they are or arent doing.

    Maybe the reps on the DPPs should not be paid as much for doing this job – I dont know? Maybe this would help provide money for more on the ground policing and more manpower for the Police.

    Things have changed alot in the Police over this past few years thanks to those who were members of the Policing Board and DPP’s. They have helped lead the way towards a proper police service in Northern Ireland and if the final slant to this means more money being spent on it or the existing amount of money being spent remaims available for a year or two then it is money well spent!!

    Super Soupy – dont get me started on RPA!

    Thankfully the parties who are against the too drastic a change from 26 to 7 Councils are trying their best to come to a more suitable agreement. Councils are in place to provide local government and I for one know that there will be no LOCAL in this type of government if the 7 Council proposals remain.

  • Tiny

    Was at a DPP do in a Banbridge hotel in Nov 05 (I think) its stated aim was to educate Banbridge’s business community on how to reduce crime, we had coffee on arrival, scones and more coffee at 11, and when it finished lunch, 200 odd were present, Nolan introduced a variety of speakers all giving advice to the business community, however checking the list of those invited it was clear that only a minority were actually from the business community and even better only 2 bothered to turn up, the rest were DPP, Council, Police, NIHE freeloaders, a complete waste of money but regarded by the DPP in Banbridge as a great success, another box ticked!