On the rising (if not breaking) tide of the Irish blogosphere….

Jason O’Brien reckons the influence of blogs on the outcome of the election is hard to tell, but increasingly journalists and political activists are trying to influence the debates from within…

  • SuperSoupy

    That Mark Fealty guy sounds like he knows his stuff, I’ll have to check his blog out.

  • Mick Fealty

    Not so famous after all then… ;-(

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Instead, the generally held view of bloggers being political anoraks or, worse, cranks, peddling their particular party line or trying to bulldoze you into submission with a raft of obscure ‘facts’ and ideology has possibly taken even firmer root.

    Try substituting the word ‘bloggers’ in the above paragraph from O’Brien’s story with ‘Independent journalists’. Amazingly, it still works!

  • páid

    Bit harsh, Gonzo.

    The Indo has some great reporters, though the inaccurate Jason O’Brien isn’t one of them.

    Best in Ireland for news though IMO.

    As opposed to the Sindo. John Drennan was a disgrace this week.

    “Stick to your home parliament of Westminster Gerry.”

    That’s one for the little black book John boy.

  • Mick Fealty

    They were at the same trick on RTE too Paid. I think Garrett kicked off the contagion.