What will techno DJ do with 40% of NI drinking water..?

THIS is a story that has everything, so read on! The trial of the widow of the playboy 10th Earl of Shaftesbury (the 9th was a Belfast Lord mayor) has opened in Nice, France yesterday. The former nightclub hostess stands accused of paying her brother to kill her aristocrat husband. But did you know that the earl’s family own Lough Neagh, and had tried to sell it to the State, which refused the offer? After his body was found in undergrowth in the French Riviera in April 2005, the lough passed onto the earl’s son. Bizarrely, he died a month later – which means the biggest single source of drinking water in Northern Ireland is now apparently owned by the 12th earl – a techno DJ from New York with a residency in Ibiza. His family may have loads of death duties to pay, but people still need to drink – so will the public be picking up the tab (geddit?) next year when water charges come in?

  • Wilde Rover

    I’m sure the Earl could come to an arrangement with the relevant authorities.

    And Lough Neagh could become host to the greatest Boat Rave in the world.

  • Aquifer

    would dropping a few tabs in the NI water supply be such a bad thing?

  • OH Boo Hoo , Oh Boo Hoo , Two Earl Shaftesburys Dead in the One Decade . We are The Bereaved of Lough Neagh Natives . So We Are . Bereaved TO DATE by His WARLORD Ancestor SPARE NONE CHICHESTER Whose Nephew was Royally Granted The Great Salmon Fishery of the 33 Miles River Bann and the Entire 102,790 Acres / 150 Square Miles Lough Neagh . I Could Go On Ye know . Get It .

  • NEAR FORGOT TSK TSK . Do Yez Remember The Remark Made By Some Local Government Lackey a year or So Ago . Where He Made The Most Inapproiate Remark That I Ever hear Tell off with Regard to Lough Neagh. QUOTE . THE “NEW” Lough Lord could Charge For Recieving “SEWAGE” . I near Puked My Guts Up .