Dirty Tricks in Dublin?

Damien Mulley on some last minute dirty tricks in Dublin…


  • mark k

    Yeah, a Fianna Fáil canvasser told me that Gerry Adams had demanded that everyone earn only the average industrial wage.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    I heard that Gerry Adams denied he was ever in the IRA. Honestly some people will say anything to get a few votes.

    Seriously though it shows how far Ireland (both parts) have to travel when it’s regarded as a complete vote loser to be pro-choice.

  • Triple F – Golden Maverick

    Little stunts like that mean that FF will never get a majority vote in the Republic. Underneath Ahern’s polished speeches, not a word of which he writes himself, is an organisation of gombeens and yippers and yahoos who believe that they have the divine right to rule the rest of us. Once every five years we get the chance to boot them out – however there are a minimum of 35% who will vote for them come what may. If Ahern visited every voter in the country, rubbed pigshit in their faces and told them to shag off, there’d still be that 35%.

  • “some over-eager Fianna Fail campaigners are telling people that the Green Party are going to legalise abortion as a result of the Miss D case and it’ll be as easy as getting cigarettes from vending machines”

    If I had heard this it would have reenforced my decision to vote Green. It’s a pity it’s not true.