Parade review commences

The new seven member panel to review parades is to hold its first meeting today. Perhaps Ashdown’s recent documentary on Jerusalem and his recommendations provides an insight to his thinking and core approach to the topic. The full documentary is still available free on 4 on demand.

  • nmc

    Did anyone else see this and think Paddy was a bit woolly headed? I’m fairly (very) pedantic by nature. Found it hard to watch due to some of the statements he came off with, for example, we didn’t get where we are today in NI by building walls.

    A cursory look at the facts suggest that we in fact did get where we are today by building walls. He also talked about how the walls didn’t help but I know several people on the Springfield Rd who would disagree as I’m sure would many on the Shankill.

    I understood his point that “true” peace is gained by having a peace and love nature in the population, but failing that peace walls work. It’s also a point that the wall in Jerusalem is not comparable to the wall here as the population can walk around the wall freely.

  • Ignited

    The most interesting exchange in my opinion came near the end of the documentary when Paddy was questioning both archaeological representitives. Paddy trying to soothe the hostility stated he was simply trying to gain a balanced story, the response by the Israeli gentlemen went somehing like this:

    ‘I don’t want a balanced story. I want the truth.’

    The truth, at times, appears to get lost in the bureaucratic approach to finding solutions.

  • Cap’n Bob

    It is an American magazine.

    Parade review ended.