Sinn Fein on verge of second triumphal march?

Here’s one to cut out and keep. Kevin Rafter has Noel Dempsey’s assertion that his party would go into opposition rather than play government ball with Sinn Fein. But why not Sinn Fein asks Rafter! If today’s opinion poll is anything to go by, they may not have many other choices, if the PDs bomb, and the Greens only progress by two or three seats. Besides, it would (the potential clincher) be popular with the voters!

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  • parcifal

    That’s the cutting edge of the ballot box for you

  • joeCanuck

    Never, never, never.

    Didn’t we hear someone else say that, once upon a time?

  • The repeated assertions that opposition would be preferable to a coalition with SF are painting them into a corner…

    However whilst FG are totally reliant upon Labour, the PDs increasingly look an irrelevance to their partners they way they are polling…