You couldn’t make it up, or could you?

This from the Sue Denham column in the Sunday Times:

Kevin Fulton, a former British agent, has been investigated by the policing ombudsman, the RUC, the PSNI, the IRA’s internal security department and the gardai. Now it’s the turn of, er, trading standards.

They are examining a complaint by the family of Eoin Morley, whose murder is described in Fulton’s autobiography Unsung Hero, that Fulton was one of the gunmen present. The Morleys are demanding that the book be re-classified as a work of fiction because Fulton has denied writing portions of the manuscript which appear to incriminate him.

The Morleys have been told that their complaint has been accepted and that the publishers will now be “advised of their obligations under the Trade Description Act”.

  • JG

    How come this did not happen with Andy McNabb’s Bravo Two Zero?

  • Paul

    You are wrong to compare ‘fulton’ with Mark Haddock as there is one major difference, Haddock was a thug who lost his bottle and became an informer, whereas ‘fulton’ was actually a member of the British army who was recruited as an under cover agent to work within the Provos. Whilst in position, like Mr Bond he was given license to kill, rob and maim. In other words he was a willing TOOL OF THE BRITISH STATE MACHINE IN IRELAND and all those who suffered and lost their lives at his hand were victims of crimes committed by the UK State.

    This is not a small point im sure you would agree, one of the reasons the UK State refuse to take responsibility for ‘fulton’ is by doing so and being the man he is it would have to take responsibility for the crimes he committed.

    Yet another reason why it is imperative that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission is established.

  • susan

    “Kevin Fulton” is the former undercover FRU agent who either
    a) was one of the gunmen present at the murder of Eoin Morley; or
    b) secured a lucrative book contract for “Unsung Hero” and successfully pursued prominent advance press and publicity for the book by pretending to be, among other things, one of the gunmen present at the murder of Eoin Morley.

    The Morley family are now using the Trade Description Act to force “Fulton” to publicly declare (through his statements or his silence) which is true. This on the heels of obtaining in-depth inquiries into the murder of Eoin Morley by both the Police Ombudsman’s office and the leadership of PIRA, finally securing an official apology from PIRA this past Easter for the murder of their son and brother.

    It is difficult to imagine a family more inconvenient to a wider range of influential people than the Morleys, and yet their long campaign to get to the truth about their son and brother’s death has been dignified, non-violent, legal, and unrelenting. I think it is genius.

  • Well stated, susan, and I just hope that the strategy works.

    According to my research, ‘Kevin Fulton’ aka Peter Keeley essentially fits the second possibility, though he apparently was not even in the FRU, if ‘Martin Ingram’ is to be believed, but the BA signals outfit in N.I., the 12 Intelligence Company as I recall.

    In this capacity, he was sent, it seems, to the mainland during the pursuit of Sean McNulty, as Annie Machon has written in Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers with her description of how she and William Perkins apparently aka Jonathan ‘Bob’ Evan ultimately nabbed him:

    “Bill had decided that he wanted to return home for the weekend so my boss Wendy was at the moment heading north on a speeding Intercity train, with the actual tape of the offending conversation in a secure briefcase. When she arrived that evning, we all crowded around a tape machine in the HSB’s office to listen to its contents. Northumbria SB had suggested that they might be able to shed some light on the accent, but it was McNulty’s father, an Irishman, not his mother, a Geordie, who had said ‘gu-‘. None of us could be sure that he had actually said ‘gun’ given the thickness of his brogue. Fortunately, there was a transcriber on secondment to A2A from the amy in Northern Ireland. He was able to near-as-damn-it confirm that Bernard had said it.”

    Bernard McNulty was from Duncannon, and ‘Fulton’ was from nearby Newry.

    When ‘Fulton’ didn’t get what he considered his just deserts, he stated telling all kinds of tales to implicate people like Provisional Freddie Scappaticci, Garda Eoin Corrigan, and MI5’s Evans in crimes they did not commit in order to force HMG to accede to his demands, ultimately writing Unsung Hero.

    When Evans was picked to be the new MI5 director, Machon, David Shayler, ‘Fulton’ and ‘Ingram’ met in London at the end of February 2006 to get apparently their various stories straight at the expense of the first two, and to Evans’ benefit – what meant that ‘Fulton’ had to back away from what he claimed in Unsung Hero about the murder of Eoin Morley as it would make things quite hot for his alleged handler, the new Security Service chief.

    Consequently, he claimed that hacks wrote the offending parts implicating him in Morley’s murder rather than suing his publisher and the reporters for libeling him – what any really injured party would do.

    In short, it seems that ‘Fulton’ is a full-time disinformation agent now but I doubt that he or anyone else will do anything to prove it.

  • Baldy


    The family are two faced bare liars!

    They have made statement to the police and in the open press some time ago alleging that Fulton was one of the two IRA men involved in this murder.

    Today they are saying that they agree that Fulton was not involved in this murder of a drugster. You cannot have it both ways.

    The police today will no doubt drop the case against Fulton!!……. I very much doubt it.

    I suppose Roy Keane who got Eamon Dunphy to pen his book will be also branded an author of fiction . LOL

    Have a nice day .


  • Gerry Kelly

    Will Gerry Adams be called to account for the tortures and rapes done under his watch? Off topic? Then maybe we should move on. Boys will be boys, the Troubles were good crack. Now let’s sit back, put some blow up our noses and get one of the New Irish to blow us as well. Oh! Agus votail Sinn Fein.

  • Baldy


    Whilst we are on this point.

    Can you confirm that the family was told by the IRA that Fulton was not on this sanctioned Job?

    Just a thought you might want to share with other sluggers?

    Best Regards.


  • Baldy


    That should have been addressed to Ivan , Eion as not been taking messages for some time.



  • Sue