Young Poles bolster an aging Irish Church…

Many of the Catholic churches in inner city Dublin are built in epic architectural proportions. Clearly they were built to cater for what was once one of the most devout working class populations in western Europe. Go to Mass there on a Sunday morning now, and you notice that the church is nowhere near as full as it was twenty/thirty years ago, the congregation is older (with a smattering of young families) and the number of services during the day is dropping. Yet in recent years there has been a burgeoning of new parishioners arriving from the East. Notably from Poland.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Phew. Just when the Irish finally twig on that the RC Church has been fleecing, abusing and dictating nonsense to them for centuries, along come the Poles to prop up the indefensible ones.
    Surely the citizens of Poland have suffered enough down the years?

  • Nathan

    I don’t believe the nominal Church of the majority is in retreat. It may have a few less bums on seats on a Sunday but I dont think that necessarily amounts to a crisis….there certainly hasn’t been any significant church closures. There have been no parish mergers.

    In contrast, its main competitor (COI) has had an enormously testing time in trying to keep Anglican traditions alive in a place heavily saturated with Catholics. In independent Ireland, it struggled to maintain its churches (in fact, tens of dozens closed, faced the bulldozer etc). And whole swathes of dioceses were amalamagated.

    And needless to say the amount of new church consecrations since the foundation of the Irish state has been negligible.

    It is only weathering well at the minute due to the new Irish who bring with them new talent. Nigerians such as Obinna Ulogwara who have joined the ministry and who are now heading up some of the inner city churches such as the one in Tallaght. The Catholic church could probably learn a few lessons from this…perhaps they need to fast-track some keen Polish men into the ministry to generate new life and growth into the RC church again.