Feeney: Let’s get real folks…

I have to say that whilst we were all invited to look towards Stormont last week for the sight of history being made, the thought occurred that the real history was actually being made just across the water in Scotland, when after generations of fervent loyalty to the Labour cause, and ten years of local administration, the electoral finally switched allegiances. The history is not so much about a step towards constitutional independence, but towards a degree of fiscal independence from Westminster, or irather Whitehall. This is one of the key elements missing from Stormont. And ‘thank God’ says Brian Feeney, who is less than impressed with the puffery surrounding our newly invested bosses on the hill. The NIO, he claims, is still king!

  • wild turkey

    Fiscal independence and sovereignty are intrinsically related. The fundamental question of government is how to raise revenue and where to spend it. To make an admittedly poor labour market analogy, without the power to raise revenue and spend accordingly, Stormont is YTP (or was it YOP?) scheme, not a real job. And the Feds, sorry Whitehall/Exchequer, is footing the bill. And therefore ultimately calling the tune

  • Prince Eoghan

    The fiscal powers should be used shortly with proposals to do away with the council tax. Also Salmond may well try and get some money from our resources piped (pardon the pun) straight to Holyrood.

    The Scotland Act 1998 allows a Parliament in Holyrood to legislate itself new powers by the back door so to speak. An example of which could be on consumer affairs which is mainly a reserved matter. Holyrood simply legislates to give the courts more powers to deal with issues they are competent to deal with.