Why I support devolution

Partly in response to a Letter by Walter Millar (14th May 2007),

I would like to outline why I support Dr Paisley`s position. Firstly the DUP put forward several alternative models for government in Northern Ireland including voluntary coalition and accountable direct rule, all of which were dismissed by Nationalists and the British and Irish governments leaving only the options of power-sharing or continued inept unaccountable direct rule with the possible implementation of joint authority with Dublin (and possibly unaccountable Sinn Fein Ministers).

Secondly the differences from 1998 being decommissioning, accountability mechanisms on all institutions and a Unionist veto over all decision and crucially for the very first time full support from the Republican movement for the police, courts and rule of law.

Thirdly is anyone in any doubt that should Peter Hain still be in charge that we would now be faced with water charges, the destruction of our education system (to be replaced with a failed system the English are now replacing themselves), North-South bodies continuing to operate unaccountably, an Irish language Act implemented, the effective sectarian repartition of Ulster via new Super Councils and Plan B implemented “with all the arrogance of an unaccountable colonial viceroy” (News Letter 2nd June 2006) in an arbitrary manner.

Instead we have accountable devolution with a strong Unionist voice and a Unionist veto where we can for the first time in a generation move Northern Ireland forward for ALL the people.