Sinn Fein come inside the Policing tent….

Not a huge surprise in the wake of last Tuesday’s big event, but its worth noting that Sinn Fein is finally (after five years) taking up its three seats on the Policing Board.


  • slug

    Better inside the policing tent pissing out than outside the policing tent pissing in.

  • Miss Fitz

    Its been one long leak……. so to speak

  • zzz, been there, done that, bought the flak jacket. Policing for slow learners and all the other clichés, etc.

  • SuperSoupy

    El Mat,

    But you are doing so much less of it and without Attwood now. Nationalists decided the SDLP were surplus to requirements. A sour taste in your mouth from sucking those grapes?

  • SuperSoupy

    And as a wee reminder ElMat. All that FF/FG/Lab support for your campaign in the north that didn’t stop your downward spiral.. northerner Sinners are canvassing in the south for winnable seats.

    Watch it on tv.

  • SS-

    One would be a fool to suggest anything other than SF has been successful in recent years (although to be fair it’s a little far fetched even by your standards to suggest that ‘nationalists have decided the SDLP were surplus to requirements’).

    It still doesn’t detract from the point that yet again SF are following the path already beaten by the SDLP and which the latter was harrangued so much for doing so. SF may package what they do up better, even if it is late in coming, but that’s a separate issue again.

  • Matthias

    “Nationalists decided the SDLP were surplus to requirements.”

    More evidence of soupy’s arrogant and insulting Shinner sycophancy. I can think of 105,164 reasons why he wrong.

  • Sean Og

    SF ignored what “Nationalists decided” for 30 years. Nationalists were telling SF and the Provos they didn’t support them for over 30 years, but did SF care about what Nationalists had decided? SF lip service to the Provos meant the killing continued… Not very “Republican” to condone the murder of those you claim to represent is it?

  • Loyalist puppy

    So SF are joining the policing board – doesn’t look like their young ogres are to happy……..

  • Gerry Kelly

    Coming inside the police tent makes a change from coming inside POWs’ wives. Things haven’t been the same since wee Denis D was stiffed.