Poll woes continue for FF

The latest Red C poll has Fine Gael gaining at Fianna Fail’s expense, with a FG/Lab Coalition 3% ahead of FF/PDs. Although 18% of those polled remain undecided. Full results below.FF 35 (-2)
FG 29 (+3)
LAB 12 (no change)
SF 7 (-1)
GR 6 (-2)
PD 3 (+1)
OTH 8 (+1)

  • slug

    Looks like the folks down there are in the mood for a change.

  • pondersomething

    Woot! – where I grew up in east Galway, not all that long ago(!), you could stand on a hill and point out which wee houses were Fianna Fail and which were Fine Gael… (and most of which

    Most of my extended family were Fine Gael and I remember well sitting around my grandparents home fire on election night with assorted aunts and uncles watching the results come in…

    And despite the fact I dont think a lot of Enda Kenny and despite the fact that you couldn’t really fit a piece of tinfoil between the FG and FF manifestos I still definitely find myself rooting for the FG/Lab combination to win…

  • Brian Boru

    Red C and ICM are the most reliable in my opinion as they use telephone-polling and ICM was shown (pre-Red C GE polling) to have the most accurate poll in terms of predicting the General Election outcome. As a PD voter I take a small amount of solace from the +1 to 3%. We got 4% last time and I’ll be happy with that. 4.7% in 1992 and 1997 gave us 4-10 seats so in spite of the usual round of PD-obituaries we are forced to endure from the leftist rags at every General Election – especially this one – I think that while losing 2 or 3 seats we will otherwise hold our own and rebuild from the Opposition – perhaps under Liz O’Donnell whom I expect to hold on as one of the more popular PDs. I doubt that this govt can be re-elected unless something dramatic happens in the next 10 days.

  • Brian Boru

    Just clarifying that I was not including slugger in my “leftist rags” categorisation…by “especially this one” I was referring to this election not to any specific publication.

  • sammaguire

    As an FFer I would like to see a return of the present coalition. The economic growth did not take place by accident. Enda Kenny recently gave the credit for the boom to “the Irish family” (maybe I’m cynical but is this a below the belt dig at Bertie’s marital situation; remember too the ploy of bringing Enda’s loving wife into public view). I wonder if we had slipped into the 10 poorest states in the world rather than the 10 richest would he be blaming it on “the Irish family”.

  • Ginfizz

    The only candidate I know in this election personally is Pat Carey – what are his prospects like – I know he faces a strong challenge from the Shinners.

  • The economic growth did not take place by accident.

    Started under a FF-PD coalition, then continued under an FF-Lab one, then the rainbow coalition, then under a returning FF-PD coalition who may have just seen the bubble pop.

    Beyond shutting up and listening to their advisors, I don’t think politicians of any stripe can claim much credit for this one…

  • sammaguire

    If we can’t give politicians credit for the good times we have no right to criticise them when things go arseways.