New Stormont watch blog…

Journalist Damian McCarney is blogging from Stormont as well as writing for his own newspaper the South Belfast News. Since we only have a tiny ‘Opposition’ to speak of, scrutiny (rather than opposition) from the press is going to crucial. The more tightly our legislators are watched the better!


  • DC

    Hmmmmmm can journalists really provide the scrutiny which you are suggesting, is there not always an element of Politicking, and why would he want to have a blog whenever it appears that he has enough of a medium elsewhere, unless it was to be used for supporting such views.

    The cord jacket is a giveaway.

  • Mick Fealty

    The point is, they should be scrutinising, not politicking. There is a lot of talk about bias in the media, and even blogs, which seems to me in part to be an attempt to co-opt the media into the political game in order to deflect attention from where the real power now lies: ie in government.

    Whereas we should be judged not simply on whatever bent we may or may not have, but on the quality of the scrutiny we offer.

    Re the value of writing on blogs as well as in the paper papers: journos are doing it everywhere now, but here. Even the Irish Times is beginning to give their journos a square go.

  • In the meantime, with his SOUTH Belfast News, I’d rather hang my hat on Slugger as to the cut and thrusts of NI Assembly Official Reports and any subsequent digestion of them.

    But I wish him well and intend to check out his site, trademark cord jacket or not.

  • Since the fourth estate in NI are cheer-leaders for the political depravity at Stormont, expecting scrutiny from them is oxymoronic. The MSM is part of the process, part of the problem and opposition to the mutant Assembly will only be found on the net.