Body language of the ‘wedding party’…

Hearts and Minds, with some fascinating man watching. The First Minister, shows his old instinct for good political theatre. He guides them all into his office, and the three big politicians (Ahern, Blair and Hain) are tightly packed into the sofa, whilst McGuinness is stuck over at the back. It is a bit like they are all going to see their old Uncle, and having to be on best behaviour. It’s a bit of crack: no doubt the underlying political reality will assert itself in the Chamber.

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  • Miss Fitz

    This is from Jim Fitzpatricks newsletter:

    PS – You might have noticed that Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern and Peter Hain seemed slightly squeezed onto the sofa in Ian Paisley’s office. The First Minister gave the game away by saying “I didn’t know you were coming” to Peter Hain. You see, no-one knew he was – except Peter Hain. My source tells me that the erstwhile Deputy Prime Minister wasn’t going to miss the photo-opportunity of a lifetime so he blagged his way in on a nod and a wink. Politics, after all, is the art of the possible.