Trimble: it will work, now the blocks are lifted…

Bernard Purcell caught two former leaders from the peace process in Westminster. They were joined by 1976 Nobel Peace Prize winners Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams. If Trimble was upset about not being invited on Tuesday, he showed little sign of any resentment:

“We have now got the settlement we have been trying to get for so many years”. The two parties had already shown they can work well together, he said. “There will be some difficulties but they will be about genuine policy differences on decisions about public services, what policies to adopt on education – society in Northern Ireland is moving on, becoming more and more normal and I look forward to its politics becoming really boring,” he said.

And John Hume:

Afterwards he told reporters: “Obviously what is happening in Northern Ireland is the DUP and Sinn Fein are implementing SDLP policy – the same policy we have been totally consistent about in the 30 years since Sunningdale. The Good Friday Agreement is the Sunningdale Agreement which was totally opposed by the DUP and Sinn Fein.”

  • BOM

    It seems a shame to me that there was little if any mention of either Trimble or Hume in any speeches on Tuesday and in other blogs it has been said that Paisley and Adams were the instigators of the Peace Process.

    Peace in Northern Ireland could have been had if it werent for these two and their parties – far from me to be stroppy now that it is in place r at least appears to be in place – but come on – it appears that power is the catalyst to peace here – nothing else and nothing less! SF and the DUP dont give a toot about what has happened in the past or who has done what to help them get to where they are now! They want power within their own communities and that is it!

    Why were those who have worked long and hard in the past not included in Tuesday’s ceremonies and in any media statements or releases – why it always about the Shinners or the DUP? Are other parties or Politicians totally irrelevant now? Are the media determined to undermine their role and add to their ill fate?

  • unionist


    The peace that we have now is entirely based on the Belfast Agreement..everything down to D’Hont.

    Why were the UUP and SDLP so cast aside at the ceremony….?


  • GavBelfast

    “Why were the UUP and SDLP so cast aside at the ceremony….?”

    Because power-dividing is power-sharing for the post-Year Zero era?