The changing story of Northern Ireland…

Alistair Burnett looks forward to less controversial coverage from Northern Ireland on The World Tonight in future.

  • jake

    i think the fact that this is the first comment on this item which has been up for several hours speaks volumes – the story is dead and so, soon, will be this weblog;
    incidentally am i the only person who found yesterday’s scenes of jollity up at stormont absolutely disgusting and sick-making? there you had the two leaders and two parties with the most bloodstained hands of all those who participated in the troubles laughing and joking as if all the death and destruction of the past forty years hadn’t happened; there was ian paisley whose campaign to unseat cap’t terence o’neill pitched the place into devastation in the first place sharing jokes with martin mcguinness who sat on an army council which quite literally sanctioned the deaths of hundreds of people; between them were the grinning apes blair and ahern surrounded by the obsequious members of the fourth estate whose job now, along with the miss fitz’s of this world, will be to airbrush all the bloodstains away. nice one, guys!

  • YoureNeverAloneWithImagineryFriends

    I don’t think you’re alone ‘Whatever next’ and ‘avonmore’ seem to be with you. (must be getting crowded in there)

  • Codyisadog

    Allister Burnet !
    I thought he had passed on to the big news desk in the sky . Didn’t he use to front the News at Ten .
    [ tongue in cheek ]