McGuinness: the importance of ‘throughotherness’

“To build we need the tools, we look to our friends on these islands to help us…” Looking forward to working with Paisley he quoted Seamus Heaney, “For too long and too often we talk about the other. We need to get to a state of ‘throughotherness'”


  • Paul O

    Thought he deserved a laugh for that!

  • Throughother is a great word, but I wonder how many of our overseas readers and visitors to Stormont would know it. Is it confined to this island, or would Mr Blair understand the ‘untidy’ aspect of its meaning?

    Looks like a good atmosphere in the Great Hall, from the TV pictures.

  • Throughother is a great word, but I wonder how many of our overseas readers and visitors to Stormont would know it.

    My partner is English but with long and intimate knowledge of NI from before we met and says ‘throughother’ is his favourite word.

  • james orr

    Does McG know the full definition of throughother?
    “…mingled or mixed up; into a state of muddle or confusion, into disorder…” and also “…untidy, disorganized, slovenly, unruly… a confusion, row; a muddle, mess…”

    and “throughotherness”
    “…muddle-headedness, lack of method…”

    (both from the Chambers Concise Scots Dictionary)

    Maybe McG needs to brush up on his Ulster-Scots – or perhaps he’s closer to the truth than much of today’s hype?

  • Gum

    James, I think he was playing on words in jest.

  • Diluted Orange

    What is the Irish for ‘throughother’?

  • delboy

    He really is a hype o’crit!

  • jake

    i wonder did it cross martin’s mind as he waltzed with paisley through the marble corridors of stormont that today is the 20th anniversary of the loughgall ambush, an event still shrouded in unanswered questions but which undoubtedly removed people who would have been obstacles on the journey that mcguinness and adams completed this morning. just thought i’d mention it. sorry to intrude upon all the sentimental shite!

  • miss fitz

    A sombre thought.

    There is no date on the calendar when someone wasnt killed. Every day of the year brings painful memories for one of the families affected.

    You should keep that in mind

  • SuperSoupy

    I thought Martin’s reference to family members he meet at the weekend was about Loughgall and the commemoration he attended on Sunday.

  • jake

    miss fitz: god, you have to speak very slowly and explain everything for the people who run this blog! – when the loughgall ambush happened martin mcguinness was northern commander of the ira (oops! i suppose i’m not supposed to say that sort of things these days?) and as such had authorised the operation which the east tyrone ira unit was carrying out at the time they were ambushed by the sas – mcguinness was their boss, so to speak – at the time and ever since, the loughgall ambush has been overshadowed by some dark questions – most of its members had pledged to break away from the ira in protest at the direction adams and mcguinness were taking the provos and set up their own rival organisation – the ambush therefore removed key opponents in a key republican area at a key moment in time and there have been suspicions about how the british had such excellent intelligence – did the republican leadership play a part in their betrayal, for instance? yes, every day is the anniversary of someone’s death but i think its worth noting on the day that mcguinness accepted the shilling at stormont that it also happens to be the anniversary of the violent and controversial deaths of people who would probably have shot him for what he did today were they still alive.

  • miss fitz

    I knew all that, and if nothing else it re-inforces my point, although I also know the point you are making.

    No matter what way you shake it, those days are over, the past is being put to bed, and while many people remain a little cautious, it is finally time to move on.

    If it wasnt Loughall, it was going to be something else. And if we weren’t looking for spooks in the closet today, I’m sure we would tomorrow.

    Perhaps that is all the more reason to stamp on history’s head and start letting go.

  • jake

    miss fitz: so can i take it that there will be no more postings on this site about collusion, HET’s, jean mcconville and the disappeared and so on? no, I didn’t think so – the reality is that comments such as ‘the past is being put to bed’ or ‘it is finally time to move on’ are sentimental shite and an excuse for dishonesty (eg look at the way provo personal histories are being re-written and re-shaped) – in every society the past shapes the present and the future and while it might be very convenient for a lot of people if there was no spotlight on past events (not least among them the new first minister and his buddy, the deputy) that will not happen – i can understand that you are probably emotionally overcome by today’s jollities and your judgement affected accordingly but tomorrow is may 9th, the day after and the questions from the past remain – eg how did we get here? what lies were told and who told them? who pulled the strings? what happens to the ira’s millions? and so on – sorry to piss on your parade but that’s life

  • yawn

    Yes dougal, no matter what name or personae you use we get it. You hate them. You ain’t getting over it. Well done for not saying ‘treasonous’ or ‘sychophant’ this time. Though your supporter of the Loughgall martyrs bit was poorly done, maybe that was someone using the shared hub, it was a good device?

    Slugger trolls are great.

  • yawn

    Is there anyone here that has ever written anything that involved changing letters to numbers adding them together and working out who the devil is?

    Dougal – John – take your bow.

  • D’iarr Diluted Orange:

    What is the Irish for ‘throughother’?

    Trína chéileachas

  • Paul O

    Jake – I suspect you’re a troll too. Wise up. All questions on Loughgall are for Thatcher and her govt to answer. You hate them, we get it.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    The Loughgall patriots…on the 20th anniversary of their murders….the leadership of sinn fein went into government with ian paisly. Now ian paisly few weeks back didn’t go into gov’t with sinn fein cause he didn’t like the date. So, a new one was found and sinn fein quickly and eagerly accdepted. The date the british slaughtered with hundreds of rounds of bullets-IRA patriots. Speaks volumes – On the anniversary of the Easter Rebellion- Sinn fein went into the police board….The current leadership of sinn fein seems to be picking dates that please the british more than true Irish patriots.

  • avonmore

    Has anyone got the reference for that youtube clip of Pailsey and McGuinness? Paisley admititng/denying he was PIRA amd Paisley blasting Popery and the wafer worship?
    If it is time to move on, why was Kurt Waldheim taunted wwne he was President of Austria? Kevin mYers had a very good piece in the Indo slkagging off Gusty Spence. I also spotted a piece by the mother of one of Spence’s Malkvern Street victims.
    It is not time to move on. It is time to put the guilty on trial. Myers is not the only one sicked by killers, biagots and their apologists.