“candour is not likely”

There’s a live online streaming video of events today, currently focused on the front door of Stormont [Michael Stone is not expected to make an appearance – Ed] Other video options and Radio coverage too. And, although there not much activity at present, I’m fairly certain I spotted Senator Ted Kennedy arriving not long ago, as the representative of President Bush.. who is otherwise engaged. Also otherwise engaged, not that he received a personal invitation according to this report in the Irish Times, is David Trimble.. but he gives his view in an opinion column[subs req]

All of which brings us to this week’s hoped for closure. Republicans, who never wanted Stormont in the first place, will join with the DUP, who never wanted to share it with anyone, let alone them, because at the end of the day, the DUP they had nowhere else to go and could not retain their electoral support if they did nothing. Some explanations remain outstanding, but candour is not likely.

Adds Slugger has been reliably informed that the original quoted text read as corrected above, with “they” intended to refer to both parties.