Transparency of inquiry into Hain’s decision questioned in court

Still no news on when the appointed QC will deliver the results of the inquiry into the misleading affidavits from the NIO about the appointment of Bertha McDowell as interim Victims’ Commissioner – as set in motion by the Attorney-General – nor whether all of those 67 questions have been answered.. despite his apparent desire to seek those answers.. although the Secretary of State for Wales etc has appealed against the original findings. But there is a new development.. The Belfast Telegraph reports that Brenda Downes, who brought the initial action, is asking the High Court to give her access to the review being conducted by Peter Scott QC.

Mr Scott has offered to meet Mrs Downes, but has turned down her request for details about how he is conducting the review. Mr Scott has so far spent five months on the review, submitting questions to 17 potential witnesses and interviewing some of them. Lawyers for Mrs Downes have accused the review of a lack of transparency. They will ask the High Court today to order “access to relevant material ” obtained by the review team.