Washington Times engineers “constitutional re-Union”?

Many moons ago, I was asked to write an analysis piece for UPI, the press agency behind this (now hastily reworded) article on the constitutional niceties of the Republic’s election law. The original words are preserved for posterity by this poster on Politics.ie:

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — The President of Northern Ireland, Mary McAleese dissolved parliament Sunday as Prime Minister Bertie Ahern announced an election next month. The move came after Ahern met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in London, Sky News reported. However, in a joint statement issued in London, Ahern and Blair said the proposed May 24th vote could be called off if a powersharing agreement wasn’t reached by Ahern’s FF party and the right of center PDs in the 166-seat parliament known as the Dail. “If at any point it became clear that parties were unwilling to fulfill their commitments…and support for policing, it would be unreasonable to expect the people of NI to continue with an election to an assembly which would not exist,” the statement said. Ahern is seeking a third term in office, and a report said the race is expected to be close.

Ahem… Too much TV watching perhaps?

  • Idiot@BelTelly

    Disgraceful, the use of that perjorative term to describe Bertie Ahern.

  • Yokel

    One of the best cut and paste jobs I’ve seen by a journo in some time.

    I look forward to Mohammed Karzai becoming the president of Iraq.

  • protorious

    That really is odd… Its not even a clear cut and paste job, it seems to be some kind of mangled amalgamation fuelled by complete lack of knowledge.

    I am truely impressed thatthis guy managed to blag his way into a job at a press agency.

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    File user “How much understanding of NI people from NI think Americans really have”…

    I wonder what the stumbling block was in this parallel universe… would FF not deal until the PDs decommissioned Mary Harney…?

  • The Pict

    John Taylor made that mistake in The Daily Telegraph one time and the Daily Telgraph made that mistake in The Daily Telegraph.

    Declining education standards.

  • Cap’n Bob

    Well done the President of northern Ireland addressing orangemen and well done orangemen for welcoming her!