MCGuinness on Paisley…

Looks like Sinn Fein is talking to the Tribune again. Suzanne Breen interviews Martin McGuinness, who talks about his upcoming gig with Ian Paisley at Stormont next week.

  • Very humourous interview. Not sure about the Art Garfunkel likeness though…!!

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    I’m glad that this interview has been published as it puts to rest the silliness that we had before the north’s election about there being some sort of a ban on SF people talking to the Sunday Tribune. I don’t for one minute believe that SF get fair play from that organ or its northern editor but the last thing SF should be involved with is censorship of any description….for whatever grounds.

  • merrie

    I agree that the Tribune was very biased against SF and I hope that it had to beg for this interview or do something equally humbling.

  • seanzmct

    The analogy that Deputy McGuinness makes between the US base at Guantanamo and the MI5 facility outside Belfast is plain daft. There is no sizeable section of the Cuban people who define themselves as American and who welcome a US presence.

    These sychophantic media love-ins (with Martin holding a baby, that looks petrified) are sick-making attempts to sanitise the likes of Paisley and McGuinness and paint them as “good blokes” at heart.

    Let it not be forgotten that these political knuckle-draggers put this place through thirty years of murderous mayhem,only to return to Sunningdale Mark 11.

  • protorious

    Ah, isn’t Martin McGuinness a lovely fella?

    Next week they’re going to be talking to Paisley about his love of small animals and his childhood spent scrumping with his rosy cheeked friends along the banks of a sparkling creek; When summers never seemed to end and fish and chips cost a penny.

    Its good to finally see our political coverage becoming more focused on what really matters, how nice our politicians are.

  • Ringo

    He has rarely drunk alcohol since 1972. “Martin stopped because he was a lunatic on the whiskey, ” a friend says.

    Priceless. A lunatic version of the young Martin McGuinness? Now that is scary.

  • Roger

    I remember Suzanne Breen in the Newsletter not all that long ago calling the UUP weak for entering into government with as she deemed it unrepentant IRA killers, hows times have changed.

  • merrie

    >>Next week they’re going to be talking to Paisley about his love of small animals<

  • Roger


    He did have a public ding dong with Rhonda lately.

  • merrie

    Roger: that was more to do with politics and what the DUP was doing rather than a personal relationship

    OTOH IP Snr is now talking to and working with SF so maybe he is turning into a street angel and a home devil.