To Ryan Tubridy, that’s a new fridge

The swearing lady on book deals and the Irish propensity to get sucked into our own stories (strong language warning) at the expense of all others…


  • Alan

    I find the title of the linked page highly offensive.

  • Sorry Alan, I’ve added a strong language warning.

  • maybe the “swearing lady” bit could have been a bit of a give away.

  • Wilde Rover

    “I find the title of the linked page highly offensive.”


    Perhaps Slugger could get his cousin Osama O’Toole to issue a fatwah against the Swearing Lady for the Ryan Tubridy reference.

  • StarHound

    The Tubridy reference was a cracker though.

  • Bookmark this girl. She’s pure gold.

  • Gum

    Tubridy can get sucked into his own auld stories himself 😉