Hearts and Minds: Will they won’t they?”

This week on Hearts and Minds (starts on BBC2 NI at 8pm tonight, because of the snooker):

Will they won’t they???? We ask what’s going on inside the loyalist paramilitaries as expectation grows that they’ll soon make a statement on their future. Bertie Ahern pledges money for a peace memorial on the border. Is he looking to secure his legacy? And Jeffrey Donaldson on the implications of this week’s IMC report.

  • Donaldson, as usual, handled himself competenetly, although he could hardly be regarded as one of the more enigmatic politicians on the local circuit.

    His only particularly uncomfortable moment came when Noel Thompson alleged that sections of the DUP’s electorate were becoming increasingly bewildered by the “Sugary Sweet” public image that the DUP were not presenting. Jeffrey clearly was less than comfortable with the implication that the DUP had essentially gone “soft” since the elction and that they had blatantly compromised a lot of the principles that they had put before the electorate.

    It will be interesting to see how the DUP’s core voters react over the next few nonths to the continuing metamorphosis of this once-hardline party…

  • darth rumsfeld

    Oh dear- jeffrey the former darling of anti-shinner Unionism reciting a list of excuses for them. Once again he’s being sent out to carry the unpopular message to a sceptical public, and he didn’t even get a ministry for his sterling efforts to sell St Andrews.