Who exactly tamed whom?

DC from Democratic Centre has an interesting take on the DUP’s Damascene conversion to Belfast Agreement, mk II. In short, s/he is not convinced that things will run sweetly for them (or Unionism in general) in future.Who beat whom?

The baggy-eyed Robinson claimed that the DUP had transformed Sinn Fein but merely it is Sinn Fein who has transformed the political landscape by reforming the Agreement more so than the DUP reforming them. Policing and justice will now be in the control of the Assembly and rightly so. But it is an Assembly that today looks more like an Oireachtas-lite form of governance, given the swelling of republican MLAs who are due to take up their seats.

In settling for the deal that Trimble couldn’t close, s/he believes the DUP’s ‘victory’ is skin deep:

This recent DUP pyhrric victory has been at the expense of unionism itself and the day this all started was the day that certain people of the same political hue huffed and puffed and walked all the way home. A homeward journey spent blaming fraternal soul-mates, agitating and exciting it may well have been for a worried unionist electorate who lapped it all up; but, what of those cursed institutions which got much grief and ridicule? Well it looks as though they are now magically suitable and should do just fine as a means to govern Northern Ireland.