‘Reruit’ the parades jobs…

DID everyone see the Parades Commission job ads in the papers yesterday morning? In case you missed it, the marching watchdog was engaged in the ‘reruitment’ of parade monitors. *snicker*

  • miss fitz

    I dont suppose there is any possibility that the ad went to the paper in one piece and the wee c went walkabout in the august premises of the Telly?

    Monitors are fine, decent and up-standing folk you know, and this does not reflect on them in any way, I am sure…….

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Nah – the same ad appeared in all the newspapers, presumably from an agency (either with no proofreader or one about-to-be-unemployed office joker).

  • Pablo

    I’ve only ever met one orangeman (who admitted to being so, that is) and he was a complete illiterate.

    In the interest of attracting candidates from these key stakeholders the Commission should consider using only pictures in their ads. Less opportunities for typos, and the ads would surely be entertaining.

  • nick pugachev

    in the words of Yosser hughes “guis a job… i can do that”

  • Nevin

    Taking the Michael (Copeland): “Could I suggest in future that the Parades Commission goes down the traditional route of proofreading their ads before going to print?” {Telly link]

    Typos remind me of Eamonn_of_the_Banks_of_the_Bann and his ancestral hovel near Lough Neigh ….

  • darth rumsfeld

    perhaps he was he an illiterate, but he may well have known that it is bad grammar to use one sentence in a paragraph,and so far as illiteracy is concerned -“In the interest of(sic)”?!!!Pot.Kettle.Black. Or, as we illiterate Orangemen would have it “Quod erat demonstrandum”. That’s yer actual Latin

    I’ll get me sash.

  • assemblywatchman

    funny how the quote about the ad came from Michael Copeland who told Radio Ulster earlier that day that a “a bird in the hand is worth two in the blush” andhe was speaking, not writing!

  • Jo

    “By accidentally dropping the ‘c’ in ‘recruitment’, the Commission announced that it was engaged in the ‘reruitment’ of parade monitors.”

    Maybe he has a “scantuary” to retreat to?

  • Nevin

    Perhaps this is what they mean when then talk about a ‘c’ change in Northern Ireland politics …