Trimble moves on to Tory pastures, newer and greener…

It’s good to get some acknowledgement for the occasional gem of wit and/or wisdom generated on Slugger. As David Trimble effectively closes one door on local politics, David Cameron is already deploying his experience elsewhere. Ruth Dudley Edwards provides some hints as to how it might go for the Unionist leader who arguably showed his old rival the way to go, when he signed the Belfast Agreement…

“It is my considered opinion that in the fullness of time, history will record the greatness of Trimble and it will be recorded at my expense.” Ian Paisley, 2009

THAT adaptation of De Valera’s alleged remark in 1966 about Michael Collins was a contribution to a long discussion on the Slugger O’Toole blog last week about David Trimble’s decision to join the Conservative Party. Neat idea, but if the Doc ever admits this self-evident truth, I’ll ask him if I may eat his fedora.

But what now for Trimble? Well, it’s really going to upset his petty detractors, but David Cameron will soon give him a serious job. Welcoming him, Cameron described him as a man of “great judgement and great experience”, who would be bringing a great deal with him, “not just on the subject of Northern Ireland, but more broadly on security, terrorism, the constitution and develop[ing] the Conservative Party for the future. It’s not every day you can welcome a Nobel Prize winner to your party”.

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  • John East Belfast

    My initial attitude to Trimble was a bit like how I viewed Lawrie Sanchez joining Fulham

    ie I cant blame him – he has a lot to offer and there is only so far he could go here.

    I have always had the highest respect for DT and I thought there was much more he could offer.

    However I always saw that internationally in terms of EU/UN stage.
    Being involved in national GB politics – ok and indeed friends for the Union there will always be welcome.

    However his statement that he intends campaigning for the NI Tories against the UUP would be going too far.

    I hope he has the sense to stay away from here.

    As for people like Rogan and Ballyedmond jumping ship that is another matter.
    In their case they earned their titles via the UUP alone and I would view Rogan going especially without resigning his Lordship as being out of order.
    I dont expect anything from Ballyedmnond.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Sadly DT was a man of intellect but little in the way of anything common, either touch or sense.

    His lack of communication ability and looking over his shoulder at JD and the DUP cost the UUP and the rest of us a lot over the past 10 years as we wasted time and more particularly progress in Northern Ireland until RIP’s Damascus moment.

    I wish him well, maybe he can find some ‘equals’ to communicate with in the new corridors of power in which he now moves.

  • Aldamir

    “Sadly DT was a man of intellect but little in the way of anything common, either touch or sense.”

    Sounds like excellent qualifications for becoming an EU Commissioner….

  • interested

    “I dont expect anything from Ballyedmnond.”

    Not even another fifty grand?

  • T.Ruth

    Here we go again. Trimble being eulogised for his part in the betrayal of Ulster.Trimble’s lack of judgement is on a par with Tony Blair’s decision to go to war in Iraq or the boys in the ad who wouldn’t listen to Noah and get in the Ark.

    He went to law on three occasions and lost each time and him supposedly a legal eagle.One,I think, was when he tried to withold ministerial information from Peter Robinson who made mince-meat of him. His other failures of judgement included believing Tony Blair’s promises and repeatedly trusting the IRA to deliver marked him out as an easy touch when it comes to any kind of negotiation.

    Add to that his arrogance and inability to understand ordinary people and it all bodes ill for the Tories.

    He must never,ever,be allowed to occupy any position that would connect him to Northern ireland’s affairs.

  • pith


    “Betrayal of Ulster” – what does that silly old phrase mean? Is it from the same box as the “enemies of Ulster”? Comparing Trimble’s role in Northern with Blair’s in Iraq demonstrates an appallingly insular perspective.