Keystone Cops

Eight homes in the Cumberland Drive area of East Belfast were burgled last night while the area was supposed to be cordoned off by the PSNI who were responding to a hoax bomb warning in the same street.

  • iluvni

    What an incompetent bunch.

  • protorious

    That verges on criminal genius, it makes you wonder why no one has ever tried that before…

  • Protorious,

    Hardly the work of a genius I’d say. They just realised that we have our own version of The Keystone Cops here. Needless to say their assumptions were correct…

  • Daily Mail

    Listening to the radio last night – the first three items were about crime in East Belfast. Absolutely disgraceful – we need more police to target these problems.

  • iluvni

    Listening to his interview on the radio, Ch Insp Addley sounded more like a PR man than someone capable of delivering the policing the people of the area need.

  • Dessertspoon

    Yes that’s it blame the coppers – what about the scumbags that did the burglaries??? If I was investigating I would like to know if those streets had been involved in any hoaxes before, how many and when and if the same cordon points were used – someone was watching!! Then check back through all the calls to see if any mobiles were used, call boxes etc. Of course if and when burglars are caught they went to prison for a decent length of time and were punished properly it wouldn’t seem like such a lucrative career.

  • Nevin
  • It’d be interesting if the police look for members of the building trade for information as they did in the case of the murder of Charlie Stead on the 26th Feb.

  • I Wonder

    Unionist contempt for the police used to be based on their belief that the police should shoot (the IRA) first and then ask questions.

    Now that there are many more Catholics in the police and its much more acceptable to Nationalists/Republicans, Unionist contempt is based on….. (fill in the blank)