There’s an ongoing feud among a couple of the families, which we have, in turn, been dealing with..

The BBC are reporting that a man in his twenties is in hospital in Belfast after being shot in the leg outside the Laurel Glen Bar on the Stewartstown Road in Twinbrook earlier this evening. But with the police asking for any witnesses to contact them, a local Sinn Féin councillor has informed the BBC of both the background and the circumstances of the shooting.. and has admitted that there has already been an attempt by the party to mediate between the people concerned – more below the foldFrom the BBC report

Sinn Fein councillor Angela Nelson said she believed the trouble was linked to a feud between members of the Travelling community.

“There was a funeral yesterday and a christening today and they all went back to the bar to celebrate,” she said.

“During the early part of the evening a man walked into the bar, hit another man on the head with an iron bar and offered him outside for a fight.

“There’s an ongoing feud among a couple of the families, which we have, in turn, been dealing with through holding meetings.

“I’ve been speaking to the brother of the fella that was shot and I’ve asked him to make sure that his family keep calm – we don’t want it getting out of hand and anybody else getting hurt.”

Perhaps Joe Benton has some more spare time?

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  • slug

    These folks seem primitive. Hitting each other with iron bars and the like.

  • SuperSoupy

    Well done to Cllr Nelson for trying to mediate in this difficult situation.

    Good luck to her.

  • Ard Fheis

    Given that PSF cllr Angela Nelson seems to know all the details of what happened outside the Laurel Glen Bar on the Stewartstown Road (according to the BBC interview), I take it that she will be willing to tell the RUC/PSNI exactly what went on and who the individuals involved were, and to stand in court as a witness, if need be.

    After all, that’s what PSF have signed up to do – support and endorse the RUC/PSNI and the courts!!

  • Irish Republican in America

    Ard Fheis,

    Seems like she has already given the info. Thanks for contributing NOTHING to this conversation.

  • Observer

    I wonder if we can find an “attack SF” angle here?

  • I think “Ard Fheis” has already (abysmally) tried that and failed…

  • Observer

    “I think “Ard Fheis” has already (abysmally) tried that and failed…”

    Stick around. Mac.
    The thread aint there for nothing.;)

  • wild turkey

    Have I missed something but has anyone actually been arrested and/or charged? It appears Cllr Nelson has talked to the BEEB.

    Question. Is ‘feuding’ an integral aspect of traveller culture which should be tolerated in the wider ‘celebration of diversity’ or is bashing someone over the head with an iron bar a criminal act? Just curious.


    Yes, it seems Sinn Fein are simply trying to do their elected duty and help in a difficult situation.

    No complaints from me.

  • confused

    If the Sf rep has information relating to a criminal offence it would be good to receive confirmation from her that she has co-operated with the police.
    At the moment this is not clear.
    As a public representive it is her duty not only to support law and order but to be seen to do so.

  • Bemused

    A young traveller gets a job as a sales assistant in a city centre sports shop. On his first day at work his manager explains to him how easy it is to sell sports equipment to a customer and how it is all about establishing the precise nature of the customers requirements. Just at that point a customer enters the shop at which point the manager says to the young traveller – “watch this” and approaches the customer. “Can I help you sir?” says the manager. “Certainly” the customer replies, “I’m looking for a pair of rugby boots”. “No problem” says the manager “can I ask – do you play in the forwards or the backs?” “The backs” answers the customer. “Well” says the boss pointing at a particular pair of rugby boots “these boots here have extra ankle support and are specifically designed for backs”. “Excellent” says the customer “I’ll take a pair”. The customer makes his purchase and leaves. “See” says the manager to the young traveller “once you identify the customers requirements, the products sell themselves”. Just then another customer enters the shop. “I’m looking for a hurley stick” he says to the manager. “Certainly sir – can I ask is is it for playing outifield or in goal?” asks the manager. “I’m a goalie” answers the customer. “Well” says the manager pointing towars a particular stick, “this caman is particularly designed for goalkeepers, it has a bigger head with a bigger shot-stopping surface”. “Excellent” says the customer “I’ll take one”. He completes his purchase and leaves. “See” says the manager to the young traveller “it’s all about identifying the customers needs”. At that point another customer enters the shop – “Now – you deal with this one” says the manager to the young traveller. “Can I help you sir” says the traveller as he approaches the customer. “Yes, I’m looking for a baseball bat” replies the customer. “Certainly sir” replies the traveller “is it for a wedding or a funeral?”



    I disagree. there are times when , in order to defuse a difficult situation, some people have to talk to people in confidence, on the strict understanding that any information given will stay in confidence.

    From all the information we have, it appears Sinn Fein are acting in good faith, to prevent a difficult situation from spiralling. Were they to act in the manner you describe, then there would be little chance of them being able to help in any future situations. It is about expediency.

  • iluvni

    any Sinn fein rep I’ve heard on the media discussing this incident has studiously avoided mentioning co-operation with the PSNI. Isnt this a ‘civic policing’ problem though and therefore one which Head Office would have no difficulty with? (ie, no rioting with the security forces or authorised community agitation against Prods with collarettes))

  • LetDown

    Unfortunately folks I have already lived to see the day that Angela Nelson called on members of the public in West Belfast to give any information they had to the PSNI immediately.

    So, whilst I found that very disappointing of Angela to switch sides like that, unfortunately for the unionist baiters of SF reps, Angela Nelson advising people to collaborate…ermm..sorry co-operate with the British security forces is nothing new.

    Better luck next time.

  • poodler


    Ballymena – harryville- agaitation- sectarian murder ????

  • iluvni

    You wont hear me failing to condemn scumbags from whatever rock they crawl out from under, poodler.
    Whats that got to do with this topic though unless you are trying the old diversionary change the subject tactic?

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  • eyeball

    nhs staff get plenty…i wont be signing that thank you
    their wages should be cut and more staff employed so we wont have to wait for as long in a&e

  • merrie

    In other places in the world (England, Eire, Australia, NZ etc. etc.) politicians do not get involved in keeping the peace in family feuds and bar brawls, nor are they asked if they have told the police all they know.

    How unique NI is!

  • againstthehead

    in other parts of the world, elected representives tend not to be convicted bombers, and mass murderers…

  • merrie


    Who are the mass murderers?

    It seems more and more that the last few decades of troubles were prolonged by british spy vs british spy, for example: