Timing, in politics, is everything..

There are reports that police have handed the file on the cash-for-honours investigation to the Crown Prosecution Service. According to the Guardian’s short lengthened report,

It is not yet clear whether the CPS will decide whether there is enough evidence for charges to be brought. However, the fact that a file has been given to prosecutors suggests police believe they do have a case. It could be several weeks before any decision is made.

[How many weeks exactly? – Ed]

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  • I wonder if Scooter Levy will be hung out to dry by Downing Street?

    As President Bush leaves the Whitehouse, he will pardon Scooter Libby, can Tony Blair offer the same to Scooter Levy?

    Looks like Curley Bonce Powell has beaten the rap, in a sort of Gordon Kerr-esque manner.

    Me thinks two lambs to the slaughter, Lord Levy and Ruth Turner, plea bargin Ruth to turn on Lord Levy for a lighter sentence?

    Lord Goldsmith has the task to thumb up, or thumb down like the Romans.

    What odds Lord Goldsmith shows his Brass Balls and takes the rap for deciding not to prosecute in the Public Interest, citing National Security issues?

    If Gordon Brown is not careful, he will end up like Al Gore, a electorial loser for his previous boss’s shortcomings.

    In a very tight general election, Cameron could slip in, George W Bush 2000 style.