Is the IRA leadership ‘going away’…?

I WAS trying to suss out what Paisley’s cryptic comment earlier this week on the steps of Stormont about an impending security announcement meant. His semi-gloating tone was the only real clue, so could be another spy scandal? Probably not – but there’s an IMC report on the way. Will the ceasefire watchdog have some kind of input into sanctions if parties linked to paramilitary groups ‘misbehave’? Possibly, but my guess is that it’s something about the role of the IRA Army Council having changed. If this is what Paisley is heralding, then DUP spin on this will likely be positive. Pure speculation, of course, with absolutely nothing to base it on, but sure!

  • Pete Baker

    That would be the same IMC that the Secretary of State for Wales, etc, Peter Hain attempted to ignore when they repeatedly pointed out the continuing activities of the UVF?

    [off breath holding]

  • Wilde Rover

    The clear blue water between the two groupings is that one has the comfort blanket of electoral success and the other doesn’t.

    If the average loyalist didn’t have his gun what would he have left?

  • wee slabber

    Wild Rover he would still have his moronic hatred!

  • Yokel


    Of course he could ignore it. All for the good of NI’s people apparently…

    The Army Council will likely to go but its essentially symbolism worth feck all except to show the conflict is apparently over. If Paisley has done his homework what he really wants is that big stick approach available over misbehavour.

  • Yokel

    By the way Gonzo, gloating is one of Pasiley’s main looks and sounds even when he is asking for a cup of tea and a biscuit bun at the local cafe.

  • mickhall

    If the average loyalist didn’t have his gun what would he have left?

    Posted by Wilde Rover

    The six counties set in stone as a part of the UK.
    They have got what they wanted, time for them to move on or be tackled as the common criminals many people now regard them to be. As to any government payoffs, Andy Tyre summed this up perfectly when he said there is no redundancy pay in his type of work.

  • redhaze

    I for one am still intrigued at what exactly Paisley was getting at?

    The aul ‘blow your hair back’ line is fairly strong and would need to be fairly substantial.

    Any takers?

  • Diluted Orange

    [i]Is the IRA leadership ‘going away’…?[/i]

    Last time I checked Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams were still hanging around – so that would be a NO then.