“His CV is really impeccable”

As previously mentioned, Jonathan Evans officially takes on his new role tomorrow. The BBC reports on the “flock of rarely seen spooks” which descended on London this week as the out-going director, Eliza Manningham-Buller, marked the end of her four-and-a-half years as head of MI5. And there’s a colourful description of Jonathan Evan’s previous experience, which would seem to confirm his role in NI as an agent-handler.

Crispin Black, a security expert and former intelligence officer, said Mr Evans’ was well qualified for the top job. “His CV is really impeccable,” he said. “He was part of the reorganisation of MI5 in the 1980s so he knows how to reorganise things,” he said. “He was an agent-handler in Northern Ireland in the 90s, so he’s walked around Belfast with a raincoat and a revolver. And more recently he was appointed head of [international counter-terrorism] G-branch.”

Adds The FBI director from 1993 to 2001, Louis Freeh, has recently referred to “the long and painful history” of MI5’s operations in Northern Ireland.

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  • BonarLaw

    “so he’s walked around Belfast with a raincoat and a revolver”

    Who hasn’t?

  • HECK


  • BonarLaw

    Why is everyone SHOUTING today?

  • Philip


    Posted by HECK

    Is that the solicitor who allowed many IRA murderers to walk the streets?

  • heck

    quite right Philip –a lawyer doing his job- that is a good reason for Jonathan evans’ team to murder him

    and then to lecture the paddies about violence!

  • Philip


    Any evidence it was Jonathan evans’ team that murdered him or is speculation and rumour more important than solid facts?

    Sometime I think Irish mythology should be rebranded, ‘If your not sure, write it anyway’

  • Philip,

    According to The Observer, Evans worked with the FRU. According to the Stevens Report, an FRU agent, Brian Nelson was involved in providing targeting information for the killers of Pat Finucane, and the FRU was subsequently involved in obstructing Stevens’ inquiries.

    And now MI5 wants to shred documents from the Stevens Inquiry.

  • slug

    “his CV is impeccable”

    Not sure I agree.

    Would have been better if he had read Classics at Balliol not Bristol.

  • ejh

    Wouldn’t it be Literae Humaniores at Balliol?

  • Philip

    Thanks for them links Tom Griffin, I’ve read most of them before. There is still no conclusive proof that MI5, Jonathan evans or the FRU, as a group, actually ordered the murder of Pat Finuciane.

    Lets say for arguments sake that there’s no smoke without fire. Why kill Pat finuciane because he was legally doing his job?

    Surely all the FRU had to do was to ask the British Government for more privileges in securing their investigations, as I’m lead to believe finuciane was getting most IRA men off on technicalities.

    Killing a solicitor because he was doing his job doesn’t stop the IRA from escaping as many other solicitors could use Finucianes methods.

    If FRU were involved, which isn’t conclusive, then the possibility that Finuciane was more than a solicitor is top of the list.

  • heck

    mmmmm philip, glad to see you are a believer in “conclusive proof”. I suppose that GA was not a member because there is no “conclusive proof”.

    And will you side with David Iriving and seek some impossible level of “conclusive proof” of crimes before you will accept the obvious.

  • “so he’s walked around Belfast with a raincoat and a revolver”

    Who hasn’t?

    Yeah, but this was in August !!

    He then hooked up with an IRA gang for bondage in the back of a van.

  • kokane

    Now would be a good time for someone to take a private prosecution against him. Jonathan if you are monitoring this email – this is just a joke – but if your’e not then hope to see your ass hauled into court.

  • mickhall

    Why kill Pat finuciane because he was legally doing his job?


    I do not believe for one moment you are as stupid as your making out, but the reason the UK State in collusion with loyalist paramilitaries would murder solicitors who used their skills to make sure members of the IRA gained the legal defense they were entitled to under British law, was to intimidate any other middle class lawyers who might be thinking of doing like wise, and to point out to them that there will be consequences for there actions should they choose to go down the aforementioned road.

    We now know that when ever loyalist para-miltaries were in custody who were not informers, the RUC SB dropped hints that both Mr Finucane and Rosemary Nelson were members of the IRA, something which has since been proved lies designed to place their lives in danger.

    But if you believe what you write, I take it you would support a truth and reconciliation commission which could call before it Mr Evans, former and current members of the SB, MI5 and army intel, plus former para-militaries etc and the political masters in London, Lets let the truth out..

  • Pete Baker

    It’s probably worth pointing out, before the thread gets further down this particular cul-de-sac, that there’s been an assumption about the agents ‘Bob’ Evans was handling.

  • kokane


    Whatever about the exact agents – if we make the assumtion that Bob was a member of the FRU and that they were a close knit group – it is probably reasonable to suggest that a) Bob knew about any illegal activity if such illegal activity was going on and B) would not like such illegal activity to come to light.

    On a related issue I have not seen any plausible explanation for the siting of the MI5 building in Belfast. Hain waffled on about Islamic terrorism when asked. I did not even hear the DUP claim it as a great negotiating victory – but perhaps I missed that.

    ps Bob if you are listening in I think you are a great guy.

  • mickhall

    On a related issue I have not seen any plausible explanation for the siting of the MI5 building in Belfast. Hain waffled on about Islamic terrorism when asked. I did not even hear the DUP claim it as a great negotiating victory – but perhaps I missed that.


    Spoils of war.


    Mmmm, maybe this spook spent his time in the north working as a school crossing lady, picking up juicy titbits about what the children’s parents watched on TV.

    Evans whilst in the north was a member of the department that handled informers within paramilitaries, is it an assumption off the wire to believe that is what he was doing during that stage of his career?

  • Pete Baker

    Mick et al

    Before my earlier comment gets further mis-construed, I would just point out that I highlighted the agent-handling to begin with.

    The comment I made in-thread was in reference to the focus, so far, on one particular murder and the particular paramilitaries associated with it.

  • mickhall


    Indeed you did and good on you for doing so.

    All the best.

  • kokane

    Mickhall. re. Spoils of war. Fair Point.

    It may also relate to the fact that if SF are on the inside MI5 have to be elsewhere and that there is still seen to be a potential threat from republican violence. From a nationalist viewpoint ( such as my own ) this is a bad move and must be equally welcomed by unionists.

    Dont see how SF can co-operate fully with this arrangement given their support for just ‘civic’ policing. MI5 will presumably expect cooperation from PSNI on dissident republican matters. Was never sure if Gildernew had deliberately raised this issue in order to make this distinction. Subsequently SF never gave unambiguous answer to this in any interview I heard and DUP were prepared to accept the fudge.

    ps Bob if you are listening in perhaps you help us out on this one?

  • The Devil

    So he walked around Belfast in the 1980’s with a trench coat and a gun.

    Well you learn something new everyday, I always thought that the eastern European beggars didn’t arrive until 2005/2006 and I think there really is no need for a gun.. a firm No does the job just as well, just look at the DUP it works for them.
    The thing I can’t get my head round is why was he walking around Belfast were his agents lost and he was looking for them? or did they not know their way about Belfast because they were from Derry?
    I can’t understand why he just didn’t phone Clonard and have a wee runner sent to arrange a meeting or just go to Linenhall Libary and talk to his agent there or was it too crowded?

  • heck

    I seem to remember one of his predecessors, Maurice Oldfield, being arrested in a toilet (oops -there goes my chance to bonk a member or the Royal family) in a restaurant in Co Down for some illegal sexual activity and shipped out of Norn Iron. (for all you unionist law and order types and DUP homophobes comments welcome). Perhaps Jonathan had some other interests in walking around Belfast with a trench coat and a gun. Do we know what he was wearing under the trench coat——mmmmm?

  • Reader

    A Celtic shirt?

  • ingram

    If FRU were involved, which isn’t conclusive


  • Since Mick Fealty has made good on the e-mails he sent me, stating that he could get to the bottom of why the first thread about MI5 director Jonathan ‘Bob’ Evans was shut down after I discussed his apparent involvement on the mainland from about 1990 until he was appointted DCI in Northern Ireland after the Chinook disaster in 1994, and ‘Martin Ingram’ has now joined in, doubting that the FRU was involved in the Sandy Lynch affair in 1990, I have decided to test the waters about what ‘Kevin Fulton’ aka Peter Keeley and ‘Bob’ really did when the latter claims to have been working in the province for the Box.

    My discussion of what Annie Machon wrote in Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers about Operation Broom, especially the activities of William Perkins, acknowledged fictional name, and his helper from the British Army on secondment to MI5 on the mainland in June 1993, show that they were apparently Evans and ‘Fulton’, making any claims about their working in Northern Ireland and the USA at the time apparently convenient lies.

    And ‘Ingram’s doubt about FRU involvement in ‘Fulton’s activities recalls the affidavit that he supplied to Samuel Rosenfeld’s case to overturn the Mod’s injunction against his being muzzled so that he could not obtain redress from HMG for alleged services rendered. ‘Fulton’, while claiming to work for the FRU, wrote:

    “My unit received instructions in 1993 to search for and abducted an agent known as (Rosebud) after the screening of a BBC documentary. I now know this to be Samuel Jay Rosenfeld (Tommy). I believe that the Defendant’s life and that of others is and has always been at risk from terrorist actions, clearly the Claimant has a responsibility to all its intelligence contacts both past and presnt. (p. 2)

    In sum, disgruntled operators in British military intelligence seem to be falling out amongst themselves as to what was going on in the province at the time, especially when it came to those by ‘Bob’ – what the famous meeting of The Four attempted to arrange last year in London at the end of February.

    As for ‘Bob’, he seems to have the plotter behind the attempt to make Danny Morrison look like the PIRA’s “The Lord Chief Justice” – the ‘nutter’ who was to get to the bottom to the hurried execution of Joe Fenton, right after the Pat Finucane assassination the previous year.

    If Morrison wasn’t the Provisionals’ ‘LCJ’, who was? And Greg Harkin certainly doesn’t supply any answer by going on, as usual, about Scap and Sean.

    In sum, we are nowhere near getting to the bottom of Scap’s alleged activities.

    And the same goes for ‘Bob’s reorganization of the Box under Antony Duff as it was still a mess in the 1990’s, as Annie has shown in great detail while trying to catch Sean McNulty during Ooperation Broom.

  • The new MI5 director, Jonathan ‘Bob’ Evans aka William Perkins is in deep trouble now because of the blowback from Operation Crevice back in March 2004 – what its then director of counterterrorism thought was such an imminent threat to Britain that British and American security officials persuaded Spanish ones that there was little threat of an Al Qaeda attack right before its March parliamentary elections, what largely helped in their failing to prevent the 3/11 attacks in Madrid.

    When they occurred, MI5 acted as if the threat had passed when the suspects of Operation Crevice were belatedly arrested – what opened the gates for the London 7/7 attacks 14 months later.

    For more on this, see these two links for articles of mine about the massive cockups:



    The Security Service is celebrating the most belated conviction of the five suspects arrested in Operation Crevice when it was apparently a decoy for the other two, which killed nearly 300 people.

    The war on terror needs no more so-called successes.

  • For the latest statement by the Security Service about why the pursuit of the fertilizer bombmakers in Operation Crevice did not result in preventing the London bombings – what answers all kinds of convenient red-herrings, crude misinformation, and understandable mistakes about Khan,Tansweer and others while failing to put the operation in the larger context of what MI6’s Matthew Steven Gould was putting together in a sting operation to entrap Muslims going to Pakistan, how it was ruined by the surprise bombings in Madrid on March 11, 2004 which American and British intelligence services largely by insisting that the threat was in England rather than Spain, how MI5 arrested the seven from the Crawley Internet Cafe on the assumption that this stopped the domestic threat, how this blew up in MI5’s face on 7/7, etc. – see this link:


  • Left out the word “assisted” after the word “largely”.