SF meet Policing Board for the first time…

Now the secret negotiations appear to be completed, we may expect to judge post deadline progress by actions rather than words. On the matter of the Policing Board, its still at the talking stage but Sinn Fein has had its first direct meeting with the Policing Board.

  • Murphy

    Hopefully it was a step to All-Ireland policing.

  • Adams says SF will take up Policing Board seats in May

    Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has confirmed that his party will take up its places on the Policing Board as soon as the power-sharing Executive is up and running on May 8th.
    Mr Adams was speaking after his party met the Policing Board chairman Sir Des Rea for the first time today.

    The talks are believed to have focused on police collusion with loyalists, the use of plastic bullets and the need to boost the number of nationalists in the police.

    Speaking afterwards, Mr Adams said he wanted accountable policing throughout Ireland and also criticised recent loyalist threats against members of his party.

  • interested

    “Hopefully it was a step to All-Ireland policing.”

    Keep telling yerself that fella! Just a step towards working fully in a policing system where MI5 has primacy in national security matters (National = UK btw).

  • interested
    you’re not trying to take away the very thing that’s keeping us going. Are you?

  • Yokel

    It was never there….

  • againstthehead

    great to see the shinners finally integrating into the british establishment. if you can’t beat em, join em eh. great stuff, finally on our way to normal politics. next the boys will be taking the oath and supping tea with big ian at westminister.

  • RK

    againstthehead…. yer just right – only when that happens it will a ‘cup o’tae’ at westminster – with Big Ian insisting that’s Ulster Scots and Gerry that its Gaelic – British culture or language just wont come into – lets face it, is there such a thing!