UUP to name Ministers today…

The Ulster Unionists are to name their ministers today. Dan Keenan in the Irish Times reckons its going to be two of three possible candidates (subs needed):

The party has already opted for the department of health and the department of employment and learning, but there has been no announcement yet about which of these departments the party leader will take. It had been anticipated that Alan McFarland would be the other ministerial nominee, but a party source has suggested that deputy leader Danny Kennedy could also be named.

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  • Ignited

    I would be extremely worried if Reg decided to take one of the ministerial seats for himself – he has promised drastic restructuring of the UUP and this can only be achieved if his time is spent delivering what he has promised since his election to leader in 2005.

    Leave the ministerial seats to McFarland and Kennedy and fix the mess that is the UUP.

  • Yokel

    Go into opposition ya wimps


    Leadership Challenge announced tomorrow?

  • Unimpartial Observer

    With the level of discontent among the grassroots at the moment I’m sure Reg will be doing everything possible to ensure there won’t be a challenge.

    The mood is so dark right now that Kermit the Frog could stand against him and still win.

    Still the deadline for the necessary signatures to trigger a challenge is tomorrow afternoon so we shall see what happens.

  • Token Dissent

    What can we take from the lack of an announcement? Would this not usually have been made before the evening news?

    Ignited: “Leave the ministerial seats to McFarland and Kennedy and fix the mess that is the UUP.”
    – I agree that this would be the best solution for the party. It would raise the profile of two capable men and allow Reggie to concentrate on the drastic internal changes that are required.

    Empey must surely accept that he can only be a short-term stop-gap leader.

  • Token Dissent