Bits of the Maze being sold on eBay…

Apparently the Office of FM and DFM were up in arms last night when they discovered someone was trying to sell the radio mic from the emergency control room of the Maze Prison sufficient to contact eBay to have it removed. It had at the time recieved no bids. The triumph of hope over expectation perhaps?

  • protorious

    Clearly this is a sly move by our dear leaders to attempt to cover up the overwhelming lack of interest people from other countries have with the Maze and thus preserve the multi-million pound development plan (no bids = no tourists after all).

    Cunning devils.

    Either that or they honestly believe that a radio and some tie tacs really are cultural heirlooms that must be protected at all cost.

    They can’t be that ridiculous…

  • dolmen builder

    I had a couple of dirty blankets up for auction before they where removed. Might pass them off now as the shroud of Turin.

  • SlugFest