Anybody but Donal?

Not sure why it’s taken the Irish Times until today to note the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto, confidential letter and questionnaire, sent to certain priests in the diocese of Down and Connor, requesting information on potential candidates to be the new Bishop for the diocese. After all, the BBC’s Will Crawley published both the letter and the questionnaire on his blog on 25th March.. but then Will has been following the developing ‘Stop Donal’ campaign closely..

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  • Cato

    I’d like some more clarification about exactly why he is being opposed for the post.
    If it is because he is not opposed to integrated education or because he went to a meeting about the Patten reforms, then I will be very disappointed.
    However, having said that, I would like to know his reasons for going to the Ulster Hall meeting.
    While I would personally support that, I’m not sure I would have let him do that if I were advising him in a professional capacity.

  • Freddie w.belf

    A front page scoop for he Irish Times is a 2-week old story online! There’s journalism for you.

  • Joanna Gray

    We should organise a prize to be awarded to journalists of newspapers for scoops published after they’ve already been run online. The winner is he scoop published farthest away in chronology from the online story. This Irish Times was published 16 days after the blog equivalent. Not a bad start. Anyone know of a longer interim period??