“We`ll not even go down that road”

The nine town councillors in Trim, County Meath have unanimously decided not to call a new street in the town Paisley Parade. The suggested name, previously noted here, had been made by local historian Noel French and would have seen Paisley Parade cross Emmet Street.. although Mr French admitted “It was a modest proposal”..From the UTV report

But Trim Town Council moved swiftly and unanimously to put the controversy to bed by naming the street after a fondly remembered local character, Jimmy Finnegan, who died a decade ago.

One councillor from the ruling Fianna Fail party said the contention surrounding the idea had snow-balled out of control in recent days.

“The chairman [Danny O`Brien] moved deliberately quickly tonight to kill the whole thing. We have a lovely town and we don`t want this to be political,” said Jimmy Peppard.

“I literally couldn`t walk down the street this last week without everybody asking about it. I didn`t realise it would get so out of hand,” he said.

The former Sinn Fein councillor claimed many people in the town were furious at the proposal put before the council.

“Back in 1985 Mr Paisley said there were 101 terrorists in Trim, referring to the first preference votes for Sinn Fein,” he said.

“Two weeks later there was a bomb left in a dustbin outside the young Catholic men`s club in the town and then another one in Market Street.

“People can still remember that.”

And there’s another interesting point noted in the report

The proposal before the town`s nine councillors would have seen Paisley Parade cross Emmet Street – named after Irish nationalist rebel leader Robert Emmet.

The junction would have been overlooked by a huge pillar erected by the British, when they were in control of the state, to the Duke of Wellington, reputed to have been born nearby.

“We`ll not even go down that road,” remarked Mr Peppard.

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  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    “People can still remember that.”

    Yeah funny that Danny — people can still remember when SF were (at best) a sorry bunch of apologists for a group of murdering thugs. We’re all supposed to accept that they have ‘moved on’ and treat them as ‘equals.’ Yet Paisley ‘moves on’ and this ‘modest proposal’ is thrown out.
    An Ireland of equals? Yeah right.

  • Todd

    Why would they call it after a guy who has no connection to the town or area.

    Oh and Gerry we all know why Paisley has moved on, he was forced to. So enough of the PC crap please…

  • smcgiff

    ‘An Ireland of equals? Yeah right.’

    So, which part of East Belfast would you be happy to be called Adams Avenue?

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    ”we all know why Paisley has moved on, he was forced to”

    And did SF ‘move on’ because they got a sudden attack of conscience or because their murder campaign wasn’t getting anywhere?

    ”So, which part of East Belfast would you be happy to be called Adams Avenue?”

    Personally any of it, but that’s hardly the point. What is being highlighted is the hypocrisy of SF who demand that everone forget their bloodstained past but retain the right to muckrake everyone else.

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    Seeing as this Noel French ‘historian’ is the same guy who wanted to rehabilitate Cromwell, (not the republican part of the man but the child slaughtering part of him!), I think this is the sort of gimic to be expected from him. No doubt it got him another dose of airtime to expound his revisionism.

    It would have been better of course, and more symbolic too, if he had proposed to link Gerry Adams and Paisley in the name. Adams Avenue and Paisley Parade or some such. I don’t know whether that’s possible as I’m not too familiar with the Trim streetscape.

    Anyhow, the more general point is this: I don’t hold with the media’s attempted rehabilitiation of Paisley on the basis of a few photographs. The test I have set Paisley is for him to engage proactively with the Irish language community in the north to ensure a strong, rights based Irish language Act is brought in during his tenure, however brief,as First Minister. If he does that, he will be sending an irrefutable signal that he and his party are finally accepting the right of a large section of the population of the north to their Irish identity and its recognition in the public sphere as I recognise his right to a British identity and its recognition in the public sphere.

    Given what he’s done so far, I don’t see a problem for him in doing this though I accept that it’s more substantial in terms of policy shift than the window dressing engaged in so far…….

  • Doctor Who

    Oilibhear Chromaill

    The myths surrounding Oliver Cromwell need to be addressed. There is really little point denegrading one of the most important men in History, just because it suits a “bigoted, everything British is evil agenda.”

    You criticise French because his history is not the history of Ireland according to poneil.

  • George

    Doctor Who,

    Population of Ireland in 1641: 1.5 million

    Population of Ireland in 1652: 900,000.

    This is according to Cromwell’s physician general.

  • pith


    What do you expect? How could one GP treat all those people and not lose a few? Leave him alone.

  • George

    Very droll, a bit Sir William Petty himself apparently. This is from William Aubrey:

    “I remember there was a great difference between him and one of Oliver’s knights about 1660. They printed one against the other. (This knight was wont to preach at Dublin.)

    The knight had been a soldier, and challenged Sir William to fight with him. Sir William is extremely short-sighted, and being the challengee it belonged to him to nominate place and weapon.

    He nominates for the place a dark cellar, and the weapon to be a great carpenter’s axe. This turned the knight’s challenge into ridicule, and so it
    came to nought.

    He can be an excellent droll (if he has a mind to it) and will preach extempore incomparably, either the Presbyterian way, Independent, Capucin friar, or Jesuit.”

    Those were the days.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Guess this makes “Paisley Parade” a dead end…

  • Sean

    I think calling it Paisley Close would have been a more apt name

  • SuperSoupy

    Gerry Lvs,

    You really should read the links before you quote elements to support your argument.

    The only person proposing the name has admited it was ‘a modest proposal’ – a piece of satire in deliberate bad taste.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Soupy — you don’t want to address the issue of SF double standards then?

  • The Third Policeman

    Unless I’m missing something I fail to see how it was Sinn Fein’s decision.

  • SuperSoupy

    Gerry Lvs,

    Trim has nine councillors only one from SF. The proposal which the author admits was mischievous (even deliberately offensive) was rejected unanimously.

    Stupid proposal, that was ‘a modest proposal’ in the Swift sense, was laughed out by all shades of political opinion.

    End of story. No double standard to address.

  • páid

    Sráid Pháislig
    Paisley Street

    ok with me

  • seanzmct

    In a magnanimous spirit that would most aptly reflect the new zeitgeist of SinnFein/DUP rapproachement, why doesn’t Trim name one of its thoroughfares “Sunningdale Avenue”?

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    ”End of story. No double standard to address.”

    The ‘double standard’ is simply that Danny’s comment reflects the notion that it’s OK to sweep the mountain of SF baggage under the carpet but when it comes to Unionism “People can still remember that.”
    I spent a few hours in Enniskillen last week and was struck by the incongruity of a SF election poster (still not taken down surprise surprise) with the simple plaque on the cenotaph to the 11 innocents murdered by SF’s military wing.
    We’re apparently supposed to forgive and forget. Does that apply to both sides?