Paisley to have a street named after him, in Meath?

According to Noelle Jennings in the Meath Chronicle, the suggestion that a street be named after Ian Paisley in Trim has met with widespread protest, not least from the local council. The idea originated with local historian Noel French:

He added it wasn’t necessarily his first choice but did feel it was worthy of consideration. “It takes brave people to sit down across the table with somebody you dislike or even hate,” said Mr French.

he felt it would be magnanimous gesture to call the street after someone who would not be at all popular and that the people who took the brave steps deserved to be remembered.

Mr French admitted that the choice wouldn’t be popular in Trim but said that, if it caused people to pause and think and recognise the courageous steps that had been taken by Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams and all the other people who helped bring peace to Northern Ireland, then it would be worth it.

Other names that have been suggested include St Oliver Plunkett Street, Butler’s Way (after Dean Butler who wrote a history of Trim), Finnegan Street in honour of ‘local character’ Jimmy Finnegan, Boru Street after Brian Boru, De Lacy Road in honour of Hugh de Lacy, Boyne Street and Stella Street after Jonathon Swift’s girlfriend.

Reader Gabriel comments: “Can we expect Adams Alley and McGuinness Mall to follow?”