Paisley to have a street named after him, in Meath?

According to Noelle Jennings in the Meath Chronicle, the suggestion that a street be named after Ian Paisley in Trim has met with widespread protest, not least from the local council. The idea originated with local historian Noel French:

He added it wasn’t necessarily his first choice but did feel it was worthy of consideration. “It takes brave people to sit down across the table with somebody you dislike or even hate,” said Mr French.

he felt it would be magnanimous gesture to call the street after someone who would not be at all popular and that the people who took the brave steps deserved to be remembered.

Mr French admitted that the choice wouldn’t be popular in Trim but said that, if it caused people to pause and think and recognise the courageous steps that had been taken by Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams and all the other people who helped bring peace to Northern Ireland, then it would be worth it.

Other names that have been suggested include St Oliver Plunkett Street, Butler’s Way (after Dean Butler who wrote a history of Trim), Finnegan Street in honour of ‘local character’ Jimmy Finnegan, Boru Street after Brian Boru, De Lacy Road in honour of Hugh de Lacy, Boyne Street and Stella Street after Jonathon Swift’s girlfriend.

Reader Gabriel comments: “Can we expect Adams Alley and McGuinness Mall to follow?”

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  • The Dubliner

    You have to wonder about the mental stability of people who engage in real-time revisionism of this sort.

    It reminds me of what Milton Berle said about a tribute to Howard Cosell: “Why are we honouring this man? Have we run out of human beings?”

  • smcgiff

    How about Paisley Adams Street? 🙂

  • Damien Okado-Gough

    Paisley Street, strictly no U-turns :oP

  • P O’Neil

    I wonder if this street is on the road to Dublin?

  • Cormac

    Will there be a pub on it?

  • MÓG

    isn’t paizley adams a porn star in the us? google it, i dare you!

  • Iano

    Adam’s Paisley Street?
    Adams’ Paisley Street?

    Just trying to help the lousy, good for nothing easties out!

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Is it a Cul de sac?

  • Brian Boru

    No thanks.

  • and she can be seen on the Showtime (regular cable station) series “Debbie Does Dallas Again” which is airing at the moment after the “The Tudors” starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry 8th.

    She gets fired after about the second show but there’s some get shots of her… anyway.?!?!

  • gaelgannaire

    Sráid Pháislig … hmmm.

    But seriously isn’t Paisley as a surname interesting, being a scottish toponymic from Renfrewshire, being an anglicisation of the Gaelic – Pàislig, which is in turn a Gaelicisation of the Latin “Basilica”, which originally meant ‘big hall’ but came to represent ‘important’ … wait for it .. churches!

    He’s even named after a church, or should that be a Roman Temple?

  • Cromwell

    I think they should call it Stella Street, not after Jonathan Swift’s girlfriend but after the BBC2 comedy of the same name.
    You know the one with Mick & O’Keef working in the corner shop!

  • What next- renaming O’Connell Street ‘Cromwell Boulevard’…?

  • … or call it Black & Tan strret as those fellas made a major impact on the town – there’s just as much rationale ie none.

    What does John Unionist, err sorry Bruton, think of the re naming ? Isn’t Trim in his constituency?

  • Henry 07


    John Unionist doesn’t have a constituency anymore. He is the EU ambassador to the US these days.

  • Ringo

    … and probably has to put up with a different breed of republican distainfuly calling him John European Unionist.

  • Northsider

    Watching Newsline tonight…

    Paisley inviting Southern business leaders to Ballymena – Said business leaders announcing massive investment in the townity…

    … southern shirt-making firm paying tribute to the Doc for being a ‘gentleman’ and ordering shirts from them….

    …a female boxer from the South training in a Sandy Row boxing gym…

    Is it just me, or have things taken a turn for the surreal?

    I know the old cliches of the peace process are usually prefixed with ‘I never thought I’d see the day…’, but given the past week in pictures and in news, it is truly remarkable.

    A honeymoon period for sure, but truly remarkable.

    And the sun is shining…

  • The Third Policeman

    I wonder if its shining enough to melt the ice in hell….

  • Bill

    Ballymena used to have a relationship in the seventies with a Connaught town which involved flying back and forth between the two towns. It was killed for some reason. 30 years late NI is growing up?

  • seanzmct

    Both political retards- Paisley and Adams-should have a street named after them – Sunningdale Avenue.

  • gaelgannaire
  • I’m very, very aware that John Unionist got the Wash DC job at the behest of the British Gov.

    I should have posted “… in his old constituency?” but I was rushing to get the post in as a jab at him and Meath in general.

    I might next post about their roads going thro’ the Hill Of Tara.

    Ath Cliath abu!

  • merrie

    I suppose everyone knows about Bobby Sands Street in Teheran

    It’s where the British Embassy is, and it changed the address on its letterhead to a side street…

  • accomodate

    Typical, They dont want a prod about the place. Paisley was never a terrorist, nationalists harp on about equality, so can someone please tell me what the objections are ?????. Republicanism is a truly sick dog.

  • The Dubliner

    “Typical, They dont want a prod about the place. Paisley was never a terrorist, nationalists harp on about equality, so can someone please tell me what the objections are ?????.”

    Well, I think it’s probably to do with people believing that a man who hands out the street name and house numbers where Catholics live to a loyalist mob so that that loyalist mob can then go and duly evict said Catholics isn’t a fit and properly person to be honoured by a society that doesn’t condone that behaviour. D’ya think?

  • dolmen builder

    “I suppose everyone knows about Bobby Sands Street in Teheran”

    I´ve been there, the embassy is near but not on the same street. There is however a great restaurant there which Bobby would be proud of.

  • James

    ” Paisley was never a terrorist ”

    really? so i just dreamt of him being involved in setting up the Ulster Resistance?

  • For all the cynicism of this thread things have changed.

    I read Tom McGurk’s thoughtful piece today in the Sunday Business Post on why Paisley hand finally come in from the cold.

    One day Plan “B” will be revealed-perhaps it was Michael Collins moment for the Doc.
    Terrible and immediate all island co-operation!

  • things are changing.
    Tom McGurk has a very thoughtful piece in the SB Post today about the pressures on Ian Paisley.

  • merrie

    Agree, Phil an excellent article.

    I thought that Paisley had no choice either on another thread – he was in a cliched position: rock and a hard place, etc.

    Now that Paisley has made up his mind he is doing the changeover well (so far). It is a pity Nigel Dodds does not have a website because I would like to have his opinion on this.

    There is a book just out called *A Tragedy of Errors: The Government and Misgovernment of Northern Ireland* by Sir Kenneth Bloomfield (ISBN13 978-1846310645). He headed NIO for some years and, amongst other things, he is wondering if in fact the Unionists in NI might be better off within Eire rather than living as an appendage to GB.

    Haven’t bought the book yet. Amazon has a four to six week waiting time so I am looking to buy it elsewhere.

  • Plan “B” must have had some teeth to move Ian Paisely to be in Dublin extolling his “Irish roots”.

  • Merrie-I noticed that book-very timely indeed.

    It should be worth a read.