How was it for you?

Miriam Lord was there in Dublin when Ian met Bertie in the run up to Easter Week… Síocháin faoi dheireadh, gan aon dabht ar bith!

  • A very compelling piece and interesting that even seasoned hacks like Ken Reid felt the emotion of the occasion.

    In many ways though this is the easy part for Paisley. His real problems lie with his own party and electorate.

    During last night’s interview with Stephen Nolan, he looked more uncomfortable than I have ever seen him before. He consistently contradicted himself, stuttered and stammered and seemed at a loss to find the vocabulary to explain the truly radical change in his recent political thinking.

    In short, he looked a little bit lost and also extremely vunerable. His age was apparent and one wonders just how well-equipped he will be to take on the strenuous demands of being First Minister.

  • Alex

    I listened to the interview with Nolan this morning and Dr Paisley sounded far from uneasy. He sounds like a man full of confidence and with a vision for all the people of Northern Ireland. The most interesting aspect of yesterday’s meeting with Berite Ahern was the energy and warmth of Dr Paisley towards the Irish Prime Minister. Contrast that image with what happened at Stormont when he sat grim faced with Gerry Adams. Pretty clear to me that there certainly isn’t a love-in with the shinners.


    I’m no fan of Paisley or his politics, but I disagree completely with MacSwiney. I thought Paisley last night on TV was masterful – relaxed , in good humour and completely in control.

    Nolan looked like an angry wee man, who was trying to be controversial but just looked silly.

    Lord’s piece was excellent.

  • RG Cuan

    Tá síochán iomlán ar an bhealach a Mick gan aon amhras.

    Paisley still sounded like himself on Nolan last night however, not commenting on whether Sinn Féin are removed from ‘terror’ etc.

  • Uruqhart,

    I cant stand Nolan, At least on that we are agreed. But I am honest enough to admit that he tied Paisley in knots last night.

    Examples are plenty but the best was:

    NOLAN “Do you call them Sinn Fein now, or Sinn Fein/IRA?”

    PAISLEY Hmms and Hahs for an eternity before eventually stating ” No I still call the Sinn Fein/IRA”

    NOLAN: “Fine. So you are now sitting in government with the IRA then…?”.

    Classic stuff.

    ALEX – As for your assertion that Paisley put forward his vision for Northern Ireland please elaborate on exactly when he said any such thing! I have watched the interview twice now and he mentions no such thing…! Are you sure you watched it…?

  • GavBelfast

    Paisley has become intoxicated, not least with being top-dog (at last) and being showered with love.

    One worry would be: if the old ranting and raving and opposition to everything wasn’t the true Paisley after all, why should wee think his new demeanour is the true he?

  • ainm

    “They shook hands. Bertie grasped the top of Big Ian’s arm. Big Ian gave Bertie a manly wallop on the shoulder. They were like two auld farmers at a mart, striking a deal over a bullock.”