McEntee: no evidence of collusion…

There’s a forlorn and faded wreath sitting beside the monument in Talbot Street to those who died in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings, which took place just three days into the Ulster Workers Strike of May 1974. Despite endless speculation about the possible guilt of the British security forces, he cannot find anything concrete that points in that direction.However:

…the commission said it was hampered by inadequate information, including the loss or destruction of an unquantifiable amount of Garda documentation relevant to the investigations.

Like pretty much every other contentious issue outstanding from our troubled recent history, ithe truth of the matter is likely to be buried deeply under the rubble on which the St Andrews Agreement (or GFA 2.0) is built.

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  • Yokel

    Either there was none or they were very good at track covering.

  • Jay Bee


    Maybe I’m missing it but the Irish Times coverage fails to mention the fact that there’s a whole section in the Report that had to be left out?

    Very odd as it seems to be one of the more significant thing to report, given that the interim reports had told us that the Gardai are saying the dog ate their homework?

  • The commission of investigation into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings has found no evidence of collusion in the winding down of the Garda investigations into the atrocities in May 1974.

    That is an important qualification. McEntee’s remit was to look at the Gardai investigation, rather than the question of collusion in the bombings themselves.

  • FAP

    The Badger and Garvey were central to it. It is known where the bombs were mixed and which of the Miami killers and the Jackal were involved. The Gardai have been totally infiltrated since the time of bagman Crinnion.
    MI5/FRU bombed Dublin and Monaghan and were allowed get away with it.
    This report calls McEntee into question. How many millions has he made “defending” guys who took up arms precisely because of these bombings? Carnival of reaction is right.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    “The commission is satisfied that there is no evidence AVAILABLE to it which is capable of establishing any connection between the collusion alleged and the ‘winding down’ of the Garda investigations into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings,”

    ‘the commission said it was hampered by inadequate information, including the loss or destruction of an unquantifiable amount of Garda documentation relevant to the investigations.’

  • SuperSoupy


    The McEntee commission was established to probe allegations of Garda collusion and failings over investigating the bombings.

    “1. Why was the Garda investigation into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings wound down in 1974?
    2. Why did the Gardaí not follow-up on the following leads?

    (i) Information that a white van with an English registration plate, was parked outside the Department of Posts and Telegraphs on Portland Row and was later seen parked in the deep sea area of the B&I ferry port in Dublin, and the subsequent contact made with a British Army officer on a ferry boat leaving that port.
    (ii) Information relating to a man who stayed in the Four Courts Hotel between 15 and 17 May 1974, and his contacts with the UVF.
    (iii) Information concerning a British Army corporal allegedly sighted.

    It does not clear the British of allegations of colluding in the bombings established during the Barron investigation.

    McEntee clears the Garda of wrong doing, he did not touch on the guilt of the British forces raised previously during Barron.

    Perhaps you should find out what was actually being investigated before coming to completely incorrect conclusions?

  • andy

    So, can anyone tell me why the inquiry was wound down so quickly?
    and why the reports on the biggest mass murder in the state was “lost”?
    Apparently they still have some fenian files from the 19th Century