Big kid commands you

Apparently having an estimated 4 million CCTV cameras in the UK and being classified as an endemic surveillance society along with such notable democratic states as China isn’t enough for some. Nor do some seem concerned by the warnings of the Information Commissioner. ‘Talking’ CCTV schemes are to be installed in a further 20 areas of England. The systems tell people off for misbehaviour or instruct people to move on. To give them a ‘human’ aspect, there will be competitions in local schools to become the voice of the system.

  • jaffa



  • jaffa

    I think they’d be more acceptable if they had a proper Dalek voice. Trying to make all this snooping seem normal somehow makes it worse.

    On the subject of faceless power has anyone else had a letter from Belfast city council saying the commercial property owners must put their bins out by 7.00am for collection.?

    Are they mad? Are they expecting owners to come in to work 2 hours early each week to facilitate the contactors or are they expecting them to put the bins out the night before? If it’s the second…are they mad?!

    Look forward to driving into Belfast each morning along rubbish strewn streets or home along boulevards lined with burning wheely bins!!!

    Tangential rant over.

  • jaffa

    Although we could always install CCTV systems fitted with loudspeakers, sirens and death-rays to protect the wheely bins.

  • Bog warrior


    Tangential but interesting. We’re having the same problem with our commercial collection. the bins have been put out now everyday since Friday and have had to be dragged back in each evening. Many phone calls have been made and in the middle of the debacle a bill arrives from the Council demanding upfront payment till September for a service we aren’t getting on any kind of reliable basis. Noboby has nebtioned the 7am collection slot though!

  • Wilde Rover

    Breaches of civil liberties are invariably dressed up as an attempt to reduce crime/increase security.

    We can be sure that these measures will reduce crime and yob-culture.

    Of course, the more “crime-free” a country becomes the more it begins to resemble a totalitarian regime.

    I wonder if Orwell would have thought twice about writing 1984 if he knew his countrymen were going to use it as a blueprint for government policy.

  • overhere

    Strange with all these cameras in London and we still manage to have 6 stabbings over the last three weeks.