When Piers met Rusbridger…

Not sure what to make of this interview of the Guardian editor by former Daily Mirror man Piers Morgan for GQ magazine, and reproduced in The Independent. It’s interesting in the same way a car crash is…

  • It read like a grudge match … and I think Rusbridger came out ahead. But then the previous Piers Morgan interview with Naomi Campbell was a similar waste of newsprint.

  • Bill

    Piers Morgan is a journalistic genius.

    In his book he managed to meet Tony Blair (As prime minister)in 10 Downing Street while John Major was the First Lord of the Treasury!

    Absolute genius!

  • An absolutely brilliant interview by Morgan. Walter Mattheau in The Front Page springs to mind…

  • mickhall

    First let me get this out of the way, down the years I have loved the Guardian, much as one would a wayward member of the family and this interview is a joy and if anyone in the press was asking for it it was Rushbridger, why because as the interview highlights, like the paper itself, he is a dreadful hypocrite.

    I just loved the hook, [greed] that Morgan used to gain the interview, [i e a powder puff about some kids book] which thankfully never got a mention. That Rushbridger edits a national newspaper and earns 500K plus perks and still claims he is not a public figure just about says it all.

    All sluggerites should read this to see just how arrogant those who are part of the UK establishment are, and if anyone believes Rushbringer is not part of and does not do the establishments bidding, have a look back through the Guardians headers during the recent crises due to the Iranians governments arrest of UK sailors for allegedly straying into their waters. When the UK government were taking a hard line they referred to the sailors as hostages who had been kidnapped. Now that the Government has realized that not only will the Iranians not bow to their bullying and inflammatory language, but the 7th Cavalry
    is not coming to the rescue, the paper has begun to ape the Government’s conciliatory tone.

    Someone ought to ask Rusbridger what has changed, although I doubt he would reply truthfully “nothing, it was just that the Government set a new line”.

    Rusbridger reminds me of the type who pontificated against slavery whilst part owning a plantation in the West Indies and being unable to see the link.

  • rob

    a classic interview.