The actual Sinn Fein ministerial team…

Here’s the detail on Sinn Fein’s ministerial team. The ringer seems to be Michelle Gildernew. With the DUP preparing Arlene Foster, it would seem that Sinn Fein are keen to give their MP a fighting chance of some decent headlines before the next Westminster electoral ding dong. Gerry Kelly (a former IRA bomber) is moved from policing and justice spokesman to junior minister attached to the Office of First and Deputy First Minister.

  • assemblywatchman

    Minister Michelle? Stone the brits! thats a strange decision – she is a bit lightweight (in a manner of speaking)

  • Mick, you’re specualting on the future westminster elections. As is your want.

    That’s really playing it long, we don’t even know if there’ll be a Union by then; at the rate the scottish terriers are nipping and tugging
    We don’t know how things will pan out in the NI Assembly.
    We don’t know the effect the election in the ROI will have. So many don’t knows.
    You might be right though; but you might be sunning on the beach not seeing the tidal wave coming !

    Of course last but not least we must remember the dire predictions of ATW; by the next Westminister election we could all living in the state of Eurabia under the Mullahs 😉

  • Gonzo

    Here’s the latest:

    DUP – finance, enterprise, environment and culture

    Sinn Fein – education, regional development, agriculture

    UUP – health, employment and learning

    SDLP – social development

  • fermanaghwatchman

    They really must have been taking the DUP’s likelyhood of Minister Foster seriously.

    It seems the only logical reason behind putting her forward. Mind you, I dont believe that any publicity is good publicity and a poor Minister might be electorally worse off than no Minister at all…….

  • Irish Republican Ulster Nationalist in America

    “(a former IRA bomber)” yaaaawwn.

  • Should be an interesting Government if we have Foster and Gildernew and also if, as expected the SDLP pick Ritchie she will be in with Ruane, both of whom will be looking to take the South Down Westminister seat. But then they will all be working as one big happy family, so no political point scoring then…….

  • kensei

    “With the DUP preparing Arlene Foster, it would seem that Sinn Fein are keen to give their MP a fighting chance of some decent headlines before the next Westminster electoral ding dong.”

    Are the boundaries in F&ST changing or something? There is Nationalist majority of 3,000 in that seat, Gildernew is the incumbent, and it does not even look close to likely that the SDLP aren’t going to lose more share to SF, nevermind increase there’s.

    Did the election last not happen either?

  • ian

    A question: Could the SDLP Minister for Social Development reverse the NIO decision to give £1.2m to the UDA?

  • Henry94

    In every respect the business is being done in a far more professional manner that it was under Trimble/Mallon.

    To be fair I suppose you could say lessons were learned from their mistakes.

  • assemblywatchman

    The answer to Ian’s question is – Yes. She will be the Minister so she can do what she wants, unless those wily civil servants have already promised the case and therefore pay it over before 8th May. Expect reviews aplenty of existing Gov policies.

  • jake

    bye, bye gerry kelly! the big lad had no more use for you!

  • kensei

    “bye, bye gerry kelly! the big lad had no more use for you!”

    Er, except as a member of the SF Ministerial team?

  • George

    Gildernew and Ruane could also be in because Sinn Féin, while strong in the young male category, want to bolster the female vote too.

    No better way of doing that than showing women can make it to the top in the party.

  • slug

    “She will be the Minister so she can do what she wants, unless those wily civil servants have already promised the case and therefore pay it over before 8th May.”

    Actually the new Executive will not run in the same way as the old Executive, the individual ministers in the new executive will have to have the backing of a broad consensus on the executive. Personally I think that is an improvement and likely to be a more stable arrangement.

  • jake

    i guess thinking too hard about politics makes your brain hurt – when you go from justice spokesman and putative sf justice/security minister to a junior minister in OFDFM then someone’s trying to tell gerry kelly something – never mind, draw the curtains, take some of those tablets and lie down for a while!

  • moyle rover

    while decisions do have to go to cabinet who in the cabinet is going to step forward and say “Yes we must give the UDA 1.2 Million its only fair” Sinn Fein couldnt the SDLP would hammer tehm with it. The DUP cannot be seen to be paying money to terrorists and drug dealers. That only leaves Reg who would be outvoted. If Ritchie can stop the money she should, it would be a bit of a coup for the SDLP and they badly need one.

  • rapunsel

    Funny, first thing I thought today when I heard that SDLP would take DSD was that funding to the UPRG via Farset Community Enterprises. Haven’t seen the Letter of Offer myself but would expect , as all such contracts invariably do, that the provision of grant is dependent upon there being the resources to dole out. I don’t believe that should a decision be taken to terminate a funding contract with a particular group that an executive decision would be necessary. However lets not get carried away here. the deal with the UPRG is done and has strings attached, there would only IMHO be limited political capital for the SDLP to try and terminate the relationship once in government. Expect some statement along the lines that the minister will be taking a close interest in the case and that being the end of the issue for the time being. Of course the scandal is not necessarily that DSD are funding Farset to support community based initiatives in area where the UDA has a presence but that the aim of the funding is to bolster UPRG support and to essentially facilitate the imposition of UDA control within certain communities. However money doesn’t buy community cohesion or control for community organisations and the DSD strategy will fail. The main reason it will fail is that we are still at the stage where grant funding is seen as an opportunity to pay off key UDA players with half decent salaries or consultancy contracts. The normal standards of fair and transparent recruitment proceesses will not apply to this grant — you can be sure of that — and expect — as I am informed happended with the pilot initiatives – for individuals like Frankie Gallagher , Sammy Duddy et al to be paid handsome consultancy fees so avoiding the fair employment issue , despite their experience , skill and track record in community development being weak to say the least. A new minister might realistically demand that civil servants ensure that there is transparency, accountability and adherence to the law in the delivery of any funded project.

  • queeg

    Re Kelly… anyone remember this??? (from Anthony McIntyre The Blanket 30 December 2006)….

    “The one disappointed face after yesterday’s ard comhairle meeting belonged to Gerry Kelly. He must realise now that for all his manoeuvring to become a peeler the justice ministry is beyond him. The President of Lies’ on air compliment to him for having led the policing negotiations is poor compensation for the loss of a prospective ministerial career. It may also be the beginning of the long predicted heave ho. Gerry Kelly was merely a pawn in the wider power play; just as he was used to robustly sell the ‘not a round not an ounce’ stance. Unionist observers first sensed that decommissioning was for real when they saw Adams place his arm around the shoulders of a disconsolate Kelly at Hillsborough after a round of negotiations at which Sinn Fein fatally undermined the IRA’s insistence not to move on the weapons question. Up until then Kelly had been assuring the rank and file that only the terminally stupid believed decommissioning would occur. The unionists watching the arm around the shoulder routine believe that was the moment Kelly discovered he had been conned. Yet his ambition prevented him doing anything about it. The President of Lies intuited his weakness and ruthlessly exploited it.”