McGuinness: would it be great to be able to back Northern Ireland team…

Interesting internet Q&A on the Belfast Telegraph site, which draws the majority of its questions for Martin McGuinness from Britain as much as from home. The last question asks whether he will support Northern Ireland in its bid for qualification:

I’m all for anything that will unite the country. There is a possibility that both Irish teams could qualify. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to cheer on both. Ultimately of course I would prefer to see one unified team representing the whole of Ireland.

  • Kensei, nationalists may well raise the issue of an all Ireland team here as it may be seen as another step along the road to an all Ireland, one government island. Hence the unionist resistance to the idea.

  • longshotkickdabucket

    ‘Strange that there’s many like myself, who want GSTQ replaced with a NI-specific anthem, and would say that the Union Flag isn’t the most appropriate at NI matches.’

    More lip service. This time from Mike with conscience duly sated. There’s definitley a pattern emerging here. Take away the empty rhetoric and all you are (to borrow your elegant turn of phrase) is a prejudiced, one-sided shit-stirrer.

    The simple truth is that your intimidating and divisive British symbolism remains in place because you know your own fans only too well…..

  • Diluted Orange


    More lip service … I’m seeing a pattern here, a NI supporter states how they want to progress things for our supoort – you reply with, “Yeah, but you don’t really mean it.”

    Your only purpose here is to get NI supporters backs up. You don’t have any intention of going to support our (both our) football team, or even suggest any plausible measures which could be used to improve the experience for Nationalists, but reserve the right to roundly criticise it, even when Unionists on this thread are perfectly willing to compromise. It shouldn’t be up to Unionists to compromise – the NI team is as much yours as it is theirs.

    The silence from yourself, Cahal and others when directly challenged as to what improvements could be made in your mind to the current set-up, is deafening. Why don’t you just crawl back to your den under the bridge from which you came. Troll.

  • BP1078

    However I don’t regard setting moronic NI fans straight, as a waste of anyone’s time.

    Sorry Dec, only just seen this comment, 24 hours late.

    No. You wasted your time.

  • Sue

    “The IRA denied any involvement in the Northern Bank robbery.”

    Qui bono?

  • kensei

    “It shouldn’t be up to Unionists to compromise – the NI team is as much yours as it is theirs.”

    It really, really, isn’t.