How that deal was done…

You can now read Frank Millar’s retelling of the events leading up to last Monday on Newshound. Don’t expect this deal to be undersold in the way the Trimble Adams deal once was!!

  • the word is that the DUP are taking DFP, DETI, DOE & DCAL
    SF are taking education, DRD and DARD
    UUP take health and DEL
    and finally SDLP take DSD

  • Yokel

    If this is a correct reading, the leaks were pretty much spot on the DUP had got Tony’s broad agreement for delay whilst Perma Tan man wasn’t so happy.

  • seanzmct

    Can someone please explain why the allegedly “fair” d’Hondt system has produced the disproportionate outcome whereby Sinn Fein have got three times as many executive places as the SDLP?