Please wash your hands before surfing..

GFlush™ to install Google’s “dark porcelain” project – TiSP (BETA).. you were warned. And an honourable mention goes to the Observer’s Blair “agrees to take role in The Crucible”.. I’m sure there are many many more out there..


  • fmk

    Enda Kenny got his in a few hours early, which I thought was cheating. But it still made me laugh.

  • 5 in the west

    The Tribune had theirs on the front page Johnny Adair builds orphanage in Uganda for little black kids with wait for it….. Nazi money yer woman Breen even signed it lol…

  • Good laugh that article esp the suprise visit.
    Holywood next for Blair?

  • susan

    My favourite of 2007, thus far, was Galway First’s story on the hotel room, the swallowed handcuffs key, and the Unlawful Accomodation of Donkeys Act of 1837.

    Doing a Google search now brings up Results 1 – 10 of about 933 for Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act 1837. (0.10 seconds).

    Unless, of course, your search engine is bigger than mine.

  • paper rock sissors

    Dear 5 IN THE WEST

    Obviously you are indeed a foolish Shinner from West Belfast now would you ever do yourself and the rest of the world a favour and try to keep up.


  • merrie

    To be honest, I am finding it hard to believe this story on the BBC and in Sunday Business Post:

    BBC: DUP and Sinn Fein in Joint letter

    SBP: Paisley and McGuinness call on Hain to leave office early

  • Cato

    The Tribune April Fool was the amusing story about Fine Gael wanting the first line of the Irish national anthem changed to ‘Sin e Fine Gael’ 🙂

  • paper rock sissors

    Don’t know about April fool but Johnny Adairs centre spread interview in Tribune was nothing short of GOBBSMACKING!!!!!!!!

    Has the guy any idea what he was saying?????

    Anyone who hasn’t seen it has missed the strangest interview ever recorded, pity I don’t have a scanner or I would treat you to desert for your Sunday roast, i’ve just read it again my Lord!

  • susan

    Sweetheart, you could just provide a link like the rest of us:

    I’m assumomg this is a joke, but bizarrely Adair really does have followers in Dresden who’ve formed their own Company ‘C’ in tribute and even gotten Adiar-tribute tattoos, etc:

  • susan

    s/b “assuming” for “assumomg,” I’m a bit freaked at the moment.

  • susan

    Paper rock scissors, hat’s off to you, you were right:

  • Gonzo

    Can’t believe technology now – you can find where every mobile is! Check out the link.

  • BeardyBoy

    Gonzo – you always could – they are cellular – therefore you know exactly what cell the phone is in