Apologies for slow blogging…

I’ve been a little absent this week. Due to a combination of business and the power cable to my laptop packing up mid week, making connectivity more of an issue than I would have liked…

  • We all have problems with computers Mick, I see Newton Emerson has a little problem called Monica McWilliams, who has written to the irish news to give him a taste of his own medicine for blasting the human rights commission.

    Take a look…..

    Ding Ding.


  • firinne

    Mick, a chara,

    Nice meeting you down here. Enjoyed last night. I will try to keep in touch. Did you want a link to an article on Linux and certain third world countries?

    Le meas,

  • Most enjoyable firinne… Hope to write it up… Great Fermanagh hospitality too… link it or send it to my email: mick.fealty@gmail.com..