Orde offered three more years

Not only has Hugh Orde been offered the maximum available three year extension to stay in his current job as PSNI Chief Constable, but according to the PA report.

A spokeswoman for Sir Hugh confirmed that he looked set to accept the offer. She said: “It`s likely that he will stay on, but the length of time has yet to be determined.”

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  • Good,
    I like Orde, he’s forward looking.
    Went to Uni with him at Kent in the 80’s.
    Funnily enough, he became Chief of Police, I wanted set up a special dept to bust cult-leaders who prey on the vulnerable, and operate outside the Law.
    Think I might send him a copy of
    The Hain Pier Brighton 1827, a masterpiece by John Constable as a gift.
    What dya think peteb 😉

  • well I’ll take that as a wicket pete, clean bowled.

  • joeCanuck

    I think that overall, he has done a great job in transforming the force (service).

  • BogExile

    An excellent Chief Constable who leads and inspires the troops. But let’s hope he stays in his trousers from now on 🙂

  • Shamrock

    Is it anyone elses business other than Hugh and his families if he chooses to have an extra marital affair?

    I think not – give the man a break and acknowledge him for his efforts to the PSNI. His private life should remain private – he has done a dam good job in the PSNI with alot more to come from him within the next three years I am sure!