On being nearly famous…

A while back I meet Professor Stephen Coleman, who being a fan of Slugger described me to a colleague as household name. When I looked at him sideways, he amended it to ‘a name in many households’. Those who either by dint of profession or obsession are into Northern Irish politics. Then yesterday in Bedford Street in Belfast I met an old friend of my brother’s who told me I’d got a mention one of the commercial radio a station as a famous son of Holywood. He just looked at me and stared incredulously and said: ‘are you really famous?’ Quite. But the answer is: kind of, but only in what remains a very small if influential pool.

  • Briso

    I think I’m going to barf. 😉

  • As a project facilitationg cross community conversation with your golden rule, Slugger’s is a pinnacle, a beacon and deserving of its status.

    Why even the other day Nick Robinson was commenting on how difficult it was for the tories to attack the Labour Budget; and on air he said:
    ” The tories have gone with ad hominem attacks on Brown, in effect they’ve been playing the man, not the ball, for the simple reason that there’s not much in the Budget they can attack”

    Can you inamgine in the House of Commons MP’s shouting “ball, not man”.. if you can then Mick’s legacy is virtually immortalised 😉

  • slug

    It would be very difficult for me to comment in this thread without violating “ball not man”.

  • smcgiff

    Not to worry, Martin,

    We’ll not let you get a big head around here! 🙂

  • Keyser Söze

    Congratulations on your (debut?) newstalk breakfast show appearance this morning Mick…People in work (in Dublin) have seen Slugger O’Toole on my screen for months and wondered about me, now they know, well some of them….shall this be a regualr newspaper review spot? and how was the amiable (?) Claire Byrne when she wakes up first thing in the morning……jusry is still out on her and Ger Gilroy me things….

  • whatever

    Mick you dont want to rise above the status of ‘former minor celebrity’.

  • kensei

    “It would be very difficult for me to comment in this thread without violating “ball not man”.”

    It’s ok, you can go for Mick’s balls here 😉

  • John

    I’ll be looking out for you on Celebrity Big Brother next year.

  • Gonzo

    This morning I heard Mick on a Radio Ulster advert for a programme on NI blogging sometime later this week.

    Any more details?

  • Mark Baxter

    If you’re a minor celeb, you’ve now got to go and do the done thing!

    Mick for love island or celebrity big brother anyone? 😀

  • SlugFest

    My friends and play ‘six degrees of Mick Fealty’ all the time.

  • Two Nations

    NI minor celeb?

    That can only mean one thing…

    a song-and-dance routine on the next Children in Need.

    Any particular favourites Mick?

  • The programme is on Saturday morning (31 March) on BBC Radio Ulster at 11.30 a.m.

  • Mick Fealty

    Looking at that post again, it will teach me to write a post before running for the train…

  • gonzobaby

    Nah, Mick,

    You’re still on the D-list, I’m afraid, unless you can rapidly date the last remaining Corr sister.

  • An acquaintance coined the term “pretend Interent famous” for your type of fame, Mick. Trust me, it’s the best kind.


  • Nevin

    Not forgetting a conversation this morning on GMU with the ‘timeless’ Wendy Austin on the fate of Kathy Sierra.

  • Shamrock

    Dont worry Mick u are famous in my eyes – could u send me a signed photo?

    Anyone who says different is just jealous!

  • forget about Mick ! … there’s still a Corr sister available???