Anti-Protestant discrimination renewed

The discriminatory 50-50 recruitment policy of the PSNI was passed in the House of Lords last night. Will the establishment of a power-sharing Executive a few weeks away and the PSNI endorsed by all political parties not have a strong impact upon the recruitment pool? Have events not made the law obsolete and an unnecessary source of resentment?

  • Greenflag

    Fermanagh Young Unionist,

    And main reason the PSNI /RUC have ended up with this situation is ? Put it down to just another one of those side effects of the many ‘contradictions’ made inevitable as a result of political Unionism in the NE of Ireland /That part of the UK.

    In a State where it’s mandatory for the First Minister to be Unionist and the Deputy First Minister Nationalist/Republican alternatively Protestant/Catholic or vice versa, then it should not be a surprise that this ‘mentality ‘ trickles down to the level of the police and throughout the public and private sector.

    Someday I hope a time will come in NI or it’s replacement State when the particular religious denomination of a police applicant will be his/her own business . I have the feeling though that that will come about at a time when the NI State itself and it’s inherent contradictions will have passed into history .

    They’ll probably need to increase the minimum RC % from 30 to closer to 50 due to recent demographic changes more than likely!

  • And main reason the PSNI /RUC have ended up with this situation is?

    Erm, I’ll hazard a guess… the apparent stigma (orchestrated by pira) on Catholics who applied to join?